I’m Glad That Your Business Failed

I am not fond of schadenfreude, but I have my days. I don’t wish ill on people often. I find that it is very negative and counter productive. But I remember one time I helped tank a dying, fledgling business.

My reasons were not the best. But I am not about to apologize.

A buddy of mine mentioned that he found a new place to get a haircut at. He has a second sense for when new places open or someone leaves another. He always tried to get me to go to a local place for a high cost treatment. I took him up on an offer.

We had a new business move into an old basement barber shop. I thought that the place was neat, but that was about it. But the owner and the business sucked. The proprietress did her best to milk my buddy for money, using behavior short of what a low grade stripper would use. My facial hair didn’t look better when she was done and my friend didn’t become bulletproof all of a sudden.

The owner would say things and then roll back on them. I noticed her waffling the first 30 minutes I was there. It rubbed me the wrong way.

I let my friend know that I didn’t trust her and I thought she was shady. My buddy wears rose colored glasses most time, but I refused to let him go back there. I blatantly told him what I caught. He dropped that place from his list of places.

(I also let other men know to steer clear of this. I let them know that they were overpaying for the service).

I don’t think it was petty to tell other people that the people running the place weren’t the kind of people we needed to support. I haven’t noticed anyone frequenting that basement shop in a few years and I don’t feel bad about that. I also don’t feel bad that their business failed.

Against my best judgement, I did not include a video of Dongo’s Barbershop here.


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