Mattsgiving Monumental Sh*tshow Extravaganza

I didn’t feel like typing up a Matters w/ Matt yesterday. But I had forgotten that I owed you all a Thanksgiving message.

I wanted to share some things in my life that I am thankful for.

(1) A Handful of Intellectually Honest People In My Life

I have one friend that reminds me to not take myself too seriously. I have another that reminds me to not slide into a nihilist waste land. I have another that reminds me to laugh. I have another that shows me what happens if you can’t laugh with those that laugh at you.

I would be a lot worse off if I didn’t have some of those people in my life

(2) A Semblance of Health and Welfare

I have caught some stupid illnesses when I had traveled. I’ve been lucky to not get sick after being around the coughing and wheezing jerks, the same that should have stayed home. I’m paying my bills and I’m not poverty stricken. I have my omelet in the morning. I take a decent crap most days. I’m not dying yet.

(3) Snowmageddon Has Avoided Me, For Now

I haven’t been swamped with snow yet. Most places I have been have given me decent weather. I’m not trying to chance it, but I have been lucky.

(4) People Are Waking Up In Small Ways

Many people I am around are slowly moving away from the phony connection world contained in the electronic existence. I have seen people using some social skills and critical thinking, choosing to not be self imposed autists or anxiety ridden robots. When I am out and about, I get surprised when I meet them.

(5) The People That Convert Into Real Life

The internat is a mere tool. It should have nver been a substitute for real life. I am thankful for those that realize this and are able to have something that compares to a real life, value for those that are flesh and blood. That and anyone that breaks the mold, has lovers in their arms with no shame.


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