Mixed Martial Arts Meets International Diplomacy

…that awful feeling…when you discover…that two sets of assholes are fighting…and you don’t have to care.

I am unsure, outside of the need to enrich industries that did their due diligence in the lobbying fray, why we would need to intercede in two countries business.

This is especially true when one side never thought to sign a treaty, (which most hurt the United States), or give the US some actual advantage to supporting. (Don’t give me that grain bullshit or blond haired blue eyed chicks argument).

I can’t be bothered to give a shit.

The other side of the sparring match was an adversary of choice. I don’t believe that we need to make an enemy or an ally of them. They are assholes with their own problems and social issues.

(I also think that we let our media make a boogie man of anyone on this planet, just for story fodder.)

Plenty of armies have invaded their neighbors and we didn’t openly send them weapons. We sure as shit didn’t demo pipelines or Mickey Mouse shit either when they did it. We sat at home and let them duke it out. Someone even got bayonetted.

Plenty of you folks slept soundly as innocent people died.

I “liken” the “thing” in Ukraine to a MMA match. You can watch two dudes snap each others arms and drink a beer when it happens. You won’t sing sadness for them and you shouldn’t do it for them now.

Let the fighters have at it. If you are ballsy, send your kids to fight the winners. Just don’t expect me to cry a river.

Plenty of people take up arms in the grand scheme of things. Until I benefit from the carnage, I don’t have to care.

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