A True Tragedy That Covid-19 Brought Us

I had felt terrible for a few days. If it wasn’t the rain, it was running into someone that couldn’t be bothered to do something to get me going on my way. Other people felt under the weather and I had reason to believe that it was lingering.

It was lingering before the weather turned stupid. I saw the depressed looks on people’s faces. I saw a few stores that never seemed to open. Boredom and decay.

There used to be a few dens where people could whoop it up after work, especially on a Friday. There used to be a certain somewhere, the kind of place where drinks would flow and people could drop that stupid, lingering feeling they kept all week.

Even after the Covid rules were relaxed, people are so incensed in substitutes. There aren’t frivolities. People are walling themselves off.

People aren’t getting laid, the vast majority of them aren’t caring. No one is drinking in this location.

No one was returning to how it was.

It is a true tragedy that we don’t know what we were then and the government helped make it that bad.

I’m not sure if it is malaise or what have you.

(I sure as hell know that I want to get away from this place, not just because of that one asshole).

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