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Every Wednesday: I never fail to be disgusted with advice columns. I am unsure why they still get paid to do what they do. As always, I am in awe when it comes to awful examples like Dear Prudence and Ask Amy. The … Continue reading

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Your Own People May Not Believe In You

I was digging around my notes and I found something from history that stuck in my craw. This day in history had an interesting tie in with some modern existence. Joan of Arc was burned at the stake on this … Continue reading

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Inherent Ramblings and Stuff I Let Slip By

April 21st came and gone. I wandered what was bothering me. It was another anniversary of the death of Manfred von Richtofen, better known as the Red Baron. It sent me into one of the shortest deep dives. I remember … Continue reading

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A Dumb Man’s Folly: Virtue Snitches

At one time in our lives, we looked at a tattletale in a negative light. We didn’t label them as snitches outright, but those with the habit of tattling often earned the distrust of the most “lilly livered” of the … Continue reading

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Weird Historical Event That I Forgot To Mention

Several months ago was the 13th anniversary of the “2010 Austin suicide attack” on an IRS building in Texas. People bickered as if this event was considered a domestic terrorist attack. Long story short, Joseph Stack flew an airplane into … Continue reading

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Who Has The Dumbest Ideas? It Might Be You

As a young person, I didn’t want to do much with my life. Other people around me wanted to fly airplanes or be astronauts. I knew a few that wanted to go to med school. I didn’t want to do … Continue reading

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A Verse For Someone, Out of Words of Another

I find myself among a set of the religious. I grew up in a church among two parents that were very religious. It was in their hearts and I believe that they tried to do their best. I don’t remember … Continue reading

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The Morale Sickness of The Modern Workplace

I think I might have drummed about most modern workplaces having a morale sickness or at least having no social linkage between its workers. The argument was made that companies did this, on purpose or by accident, to maximize profits. … Continue reading

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A True Tragedy That Covid-19 Brought Us

I had felt terrible for a few days. If it wasn’t the rain, it was running into someone that couldn’t be bothered to do something to get me going on my way. Other people felt under the weather and I … Continue reading

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In Search For The Great American Pyramid

I found myself driving through (deleted) area in a certain place I had never been. I saw wide expanse where nothing had been built. Outside of water monitoring and access roads, there was little there. I celebrated the fact that … Continue reading

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