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Navy Story: Hiding In The Limelight

Most people I knew in the Navy had a story about a RDC (drill instructor) that would torment them. Someone always had some weird saying or had some borderline silly activity they used to harangue people with. I thought it … Continue reading

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A Call To Arms For Those In Specific Spheres

Through a deep dive of sorts, I noticed that some of the greatest earners seemed to be stuck doing them. I knew ten cent millionaires that blew their money, then got stuck destroying themselves in the chemical world. Most people … Continue reading

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Be Someone Else and Disappoint Who You Must

I needed to take a time out from Wednesday’s normal “Matters w/ Matt”. I had been pondering something I had been harping on for some time. I was blessed to hear very few people ever say to me the following … Continue reading

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A Grand Counter Proposal For A Huge A$$hole

Often inspired by scribbled notes in my notebooks, I had started a monstrous article that should inspire the worst of my readers. I mean well. I want people to laugh and feel inspired themselves to be the best. I want … Continue reading

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The Irrepressible Lieutenant Nutsucking Shitwagon

I often bemoan that there are characters in the moronic acts of our lives that seem to recycle themselves. Like a crappy supporting actor, they are reborn as something else. I wanted to talk about one of these faceless people … Continue reading

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On the 13th Day of Christmas, My Government Gave To Me…

Along with the other Ryder truck and the contents of WTC storage facilities/offices, I remember a news story that seemed to disappear into the journalistic abyss. That story was the 2020 Nashville Christmas bombing. I experienced a part of its … Continue reading

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Mixed Martial Arts Meets International Diplomacy

…that awful feeling…when you discover…that two sets of assholes are fighting…and you don’t have to care. I am unsure, outside of the need to enrich industries that did their due diligence in the lobbying fray, why we would need to … Continue reading

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The Time For You To Spring To Action Passed Behind

I feel that I have gone to certain lengths to keep my word or do my job. It isn’t easy, but I seldom ask for it to be noticed. I often see people that don’t go to nearly any length … Continue reading

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The Time Machine Paradox: Dimebag Darrell

Addendum: Pantera has had a few tour dates in Mexico and a few other countries. They returned to the road after a long hiatus. Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante are filling in for the Abbott brothers. If you can catch … Continue reading

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The Matters w/ Matt: Farming Anger and Plowing The Field

Every Wednesday: I never fail to be disgusted with advice columns. I am unsure why they still get paid to do what they do. As always, I am in awe when it comes to awful examples like Dear Prudence and Dear Abby. The … Continue reading

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