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Is More Government Really The Solution? Parts of Your Life Better Done By You.

I have mentioned my personal disdain many times for government licensed marriage. I think it made a mockery of a private “institution” and I think that it empowers the lazy/stupid. (This covers “shade” thrown at both the conservatives back home … Continue reading

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Mixed Martial Arts Meets International Diplomacy

…that awful feeling…when you discover…that two sets of assholes are fighting…and you don’t have to care. I am unsure, outside of the need to enrich industries that did their due diligence in the lobbying fray, why we would need to … Continue reading

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Joy Killing Libertarians Need To Celebrate Little Victories

I don’t think that this subject specifically applies to libertarians, but I do think it is worth mentioning. I was perusing the news in my state. I read about the difficulties of executions, the tail end of a murderous summer, … Continue reading

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Internal Chaos Is A Condition That Should Not Give You Meaning

I bemoan the ignoble among me, those that choose to turn their noses up at some level of enlightenment. On a few sporadic days, my skin seems to be on fire, at least under a few layers. Stress and people … Continue reading

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Conservative Christian Folly: Waco Siege

On this day, in 1993, marked the end of a 51 day siege of the Branch Davidian compound in Waco, Texas. 80 people were killed when a fire destroyed the structure. A large collection of government alphabet soup entities were … Continue reading

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A Libertarian Walks Into A Violent Situation…

Brookside Alabama has driven a ton of people nuts with frivolous speeding tickets and moving violations. Brookside has hired a crap load of people as police, surprising that they aren’t that big. (Try 1200 people). But they aren’t protecting anyone, … Continue reading

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The Olympics Became A Monumental Waste of Time and Resources

To start this article off right, I warn everyone that I don’t have the attitude that many countries have that don’t try to field any participants to represent their country. I had heard grumblings that it was an elitist flexing … Continue reading

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Libertarian Linked Historical Story In A Modern Sense

On February 4, 2022; The Donnelly Farm was burned to the ground. In one of the buildings, the infamous Black Donnelly’s bodies were found. Our Canadian neighbors know more of the legendary characters more than most of us in the … Continue reading

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Various Burdens of Freedom

I had been pondering on various historical events that had rubbed me right. Once again referencing , I had noticed that on this day in history 1918, “rebels seized control of the Finnish capital during the Finnish civil war”. … Continue reading

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Why I Don’t Want The Government Banning Porn

During my upbringing, many people I knew mentioned that they had always thought their government officials were supposed to be moral arbiters or at least a selection of what the community’s moral outlook was. The vast majority of our politicians … Continue reading

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