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Navy Story: Hiding In The Limelight

Most people I knew in the Navy had a story about a RDC (drill instructor) that would torment them. Someone always had some weird saying or had some borderline silly activity they used to harangue people with. I thought it … Continue reading

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The Time Machine Paradox: Dimebag Darrell

Addendum: Pantera has had a few tour dates in Mexico and a few other countries. They returned to the road after a long hiatus. Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante are filling in for the Abbott brothers. If you can catch … Continue reading

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The Last Simptation of Matt

After the dark clouds rolled away, and the lifeless body of one unnamed man was presented. He had been exhausted from metaphorical beatings he received for what society and its terrible media deemed to be proper. But that man was … Continue reading

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Navy Story: The Suicide Messiah

I have seen the face of evil in person. He was a personification of avarice. He could smile a grin, even when he knew he wanted to turn on those that had a grip on an ethical existence. The face … Continue reading

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Navy Story: Drunk Men Need Real Enemies

One of the biggest fallacies is the inherent belief held by man civilians in that the US Navy is protecting the US against blood thirsty enemies. People have silly romantic ideas of swashbuckling fighting Barbary pirates and landing Tomahawk missiles … Continue reading


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The Wild Dunmores of Somewhere County

I was digging through news reports and I saw where a man was arrested in one of my “drive through” counties. The police arrested this guy for allegedly attacking another man with a machete, leaving the other man a bloody … Continue reading

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The Cast of Characters In A Man’s Life

Before I disappeared for good and our old haunts were demolished, we found ourselves at a few of those said haunts. I had a buddy who lived over by his dealer/boss’ apartment. I had a gas station that had a … Continue reading

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