My skin is like North Dakota

Day 4 of cold showers.

I didn’t have a great time. I have had to use warm water to get clean. Soap isnt easy to get off. Yes, I finished with cold water.

Pro: Knocked down soreness in legs from running. Skin on my arm felt relatively tight.                Inflammation all but disappeared

Con: It knocked the wind out of me and I almost passed out. I finished out with the usual bitch mittens and cold feet.

I hope I am learning a lesson. (Outside of cold showers are cold). I would like to know what day 365 will look like. Stay tuned; I’ll end up freezing anyway.

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If they hate men, why are they selling to them?

via If they hate men, why are they selling to them?

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Stopping Regrets: Reaching Out

Many of us men have watch our lives whiz past our eyes and we often lose people along the way. It isn’t just distance and time but we often have seen the people we have left behind in the obituaries or talking with their survivors.

I struggle with being the person that pushes away. I don’t keep up with people and I went nuclear on Facebook/various social networking sites. I have largely gotten away from drama and started focusing on my own life. (I wasn’t good at helping others due to the fact that I hadn’t worked on my self). It is hard for me to blindly reach out when things are good. But this is something guys should be doing.

I have a friend, who happens to be my best friend, that has struggles and challenges like anyone else. He has been recovering from a disastrous relationship and a DUI for many years. Coupled with an eviction and terrible family relations; he finally moved out and somewhat got on with his life. He works a job and plays Final Fantasy online. He doesn’t have goals and he seems to be comfortable. No passions, no desires for companionship, etc. I feel like the rest of the world is whizzing by when we meet up. It hurts to see him alone and not having the vitality that was once there.

I had previously had written him a letter telling him my concerns. I did my best not to insult him but I feel like I am still working towards something while he, among other men, seem to have stagnated and stopped dreaming. I spend less time traveling down to see him and I had forgotten to send him holiday texts, (NYE/Christmas).

Today; I changed that and I reached out. I don’t think that I should be the one that gives into the darkness. I told him I hope he is doing well, etc. I want to tell you readers that you don’t want to be the person to see someone’s name in the obituaries when you had the intention to reach out. I care and love people even though I suck at it. I had lost my former wrestling coach in surgery and I had seldom heard from his family. I live a good distance away from them. I occasionally saw his son playing guitar but it is nothing compared to a good phone call on occasion! You don’t want time to slip away.

It is up to us to get in touch with “you”. Start by reaching out. Email, call, write, etc. Do something. It might go good or bad or some combination of the two. Life is a gamble, count your chips and remember to ante!

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EU raids US Liquor Cabinet: Tariffs Be Damned

The General and I return for a smooth half hour of quasi-sober hijinks. We ran into pagans and booze. Ernie is nowhere to be found.

Not sure why my video didnt have a thumbnail or why it looks like garbage. Try it you might like it

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Tundra Waterfall: Day 3 of Cold Showers

Judas Priests, folks!! I had a decent gym going in the morning. I returned to discover that my sweaty nastiness had the scent of a plastics factory mixed with peanuts. Not wanting to ruin an opportunity for a shower…

Of course my dumba** remembers that I am supposed to take a cold shower.

The good: Knocked down acid build up. My headache from earlier poor breathing during ab exercises disappeared. Skin doesn’t itch like it usually does when I get hot.

The bad: Its cold. My house is cold. The water all but knocks the wind out of you. I walk around the house shaking for a few minutes, in the shame that I know we have a functioning hot water heater and I blatantly use cold water instead.

Takeaways: Skin feels good. Muscles are decent. Water is cold. I don’t know how you Minnesota people do this.

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Forgotten Videos: Never Too Late


I had forgot that we had made a video. We discussed various topics such as Trump’s withdrawal, dissing our Japanese fans, “reppin'” for our folks in Tajikistan, beer, and the usual subjects. General Flynn throws down for the Honduran American Defamation League.

Please send all hatemail to freemattpodcast(at sign) Or passenger pigeon echo location ()()()_****)()((((*

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Growing while frozen

Presenting day two of cold showers.

On a completely dreary day I went out for a 2.5 mile run at the gym (raining outside). I returned knowing that people don’t want to smell my wonderful stank.

Cold shower results:

Cold as sh*t. It helped knock down lactic acid in thighs and my biceps. The after effects are having “b*tch mittens” and made me tired for some reason. It might have been something to do with the end of fasting (IF).

This isnt terrible but it isnt the most magical thing in the world. Perhaps breathing is the magical end?

I’ll let you know. Perhaps day 3 will be better.

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Fired From Life or a Profession

I listen to many podcasts. (I have discovered that they help me learn and stay positive). A few podcasts stay successful. I had listened to both the Art of Charm (AoM) and the Jordan Harbinger Show (JHS). I wanted to share with you a valuable lesson in mindset that both of them have shared. Getting fired from life or a profession might be a sign (or a gift).

Jordan was “fired” from AOM. I had heard about this from a post on Reddit. But the difference between him and many other men is the mindset. Instead of having a mindset of woe is me or I’m screwed, he took at his opportunity to do something different. (Pete Best, original drummer for the Beatles, found out that his firing gave him time to focus on his personal life). Jordan started a new podcast. It’s something that he wanted to do and getting fired lit a fire under his ass.

I’m not a unique snowflake. I have been fired too. I let it be one of the best things that ever happened to me instead of crying about it. I met new people and I have seen some great places. I started doing other things that I was supposed to be doing. I did some pullups and whatever crap other people weren’t doing.

I had been fired by a few girlfriends in my life too. Although I try to be a “lessons learned” person in a relationship; I understand that many of us stay a little heated at the end but the emotionally smart move on. When we get fired in life, we should choose to team up with a new crew or loved one. The new opportunity to surround ourselves with better people is a great thing. The new experience is also great.

Be smart about your life’s experiences. When the experiences come to an end, don’t stay sad and angry. Look forward to new people and new places.

The same is true about your professional life. Look back fondly but do not be saddened. Press forward to where you are supposed to be and what you have wanted to be. Your future should be going in a new direction.

Getting Fired from Life or a Profession? Take it as a gift. You should be doing something different and/or better. Stay hungry and positive!!!


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Cold shower kick start

Trying to stay positive is a hard nut to crack sometimes. This morning I took a cold shower for the first time in a long time.

I had made a promise to do this for an entire year and make an attempt at writing down its effects.

The skinny: The water was cold. Knock the breath out of you cold. Dang near crying cold.

The positives: It helped knock down inflammation in some of my muscles. (I went to gym yesterday afternoon). I feel like my skin tightened a little. It also helps deaden my nerves, keeping a few nagging issues tamped down.

I need to work on the breathing portion. I hope to knock down the lactic acid in my quads and try to deal with tendonitis in my shoulders. I will keep you posted.

Try it yourself but don’t go into cardiac arrest. Seek more information and consult a doctor for more information.

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Farewell to the East

I wanted to share with you a tidbit for encouraging expanding your thought process and your exposure to opportunities for growth.

I had a supervisor stop by work hovel/war pit to ask me a question/favor that he had previously asked my co-worker.

I had found out that our schedules have moved away from their previous dates. This has given us a new opportunity to do other things that we previously haven’t been able to do.

I am still hungry for new opportunities, especially when it is something that helps to achieve small milestones.

The milestone worth mentioning (at least for me) is going west of the Rockies. It sounds silly but I have never been west of the Rockies in the continental United States.

The silver lining of work travel is that it allows me to write more material and to expand my network.

Think of the possibilities. Your mindset makes for your victories and gains.

“Hello to the West” is the positive end of “Farewell to the East”.

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