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Subtitled: Learn your lesson from someone else’s mistake!!!

Spawny's Space

Commener Earl states,

An older than him already divorced actress who was a SJW in her youth and her mother was a social worker…didn’t grow up with a father the whole time because of divorce…talks about gender equality and identifies as a feminist.

I mean how much more proof do I have to give you he’s an idiot for missing about a thousand red flags.

Commener Yoda then stated,

Never marry an SJW one should.
A life of pain silly it would be

What would marriage to an SJW be like?  Especially if you are not dominant?

First of all, SJWs must virtue signal.  In fact, their whole identity can be built around this. Virtue signaling his all about posturing about your pet causes, often with little effort being expended to actually solve the problems associated with those cause.  Effort goes into posturing (often advocating the spending of other…

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Videos Against Humanity

The General and I get together for a hell of a time. We discuss DJT’s folks reaching out to libertarians for votes. It quickly goes to hell in handbasket. We somehow talk of various off subject things. My audio goes to sh*t…any suggestions?



I also share that I have made it one step closer to “Hunter Drew” level.  Milli Vanilli, here I come!!!

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Punching All Around: Borrowed Concept

I was reading a few pages from Jack Donovan’s work: A More Complete Beast. I saw some terrific passages that really stuck out at me. (I am not going to directly quote his work but I will say that p. 52-53 within the “The Trap” chapter).

It really hit me when I read these on these two pages that “a weak man who agrees that it is good to be strong… is different from the weak man that decides that strength is useless…because he doesn’t have it”.

I see assholes like this in both the conservative and liberal worlds. It doesn’t matter if it is not knowing something and refusing to read a little to know more. It also doesn’t matter if it is seeing a guy enjoy the company of a beautiful woman/knowing game and using some SJW-esque language to justify why someone else is wrong for doing so.

I encourage men to be of the “Noble” element that was mentioned in this piece. It is not an easy journey but it is a worthy one.

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Weekend Start

I don’t live for the weekend. I live everyday in the week the best that I can. I encourage you to ditch the Mon-Fri attitude. Life is everyday. Ups and Downs.

Get past the stupidity that you pick up “incidently”. Drown out the vast majority of the noise.

Focus on what matters. Know the “when and what” of road construction. Know community matters and affairs of the state. Your family is before this too.

Three things to be thankful for:

(1) Detractors:

I know that I have people that disagree with me and often are pushed to use ad-hominem arguments against me. I’m not offended. We all don’t agree with each other. I am still blessed to have them in my life.

(2) Occasional wisdom from a smartass:

I grew to love witticisms from an unnamed smartass in my life. This person taught me a valuable lesson from one of their quotes: “Its okay; I’m glad Jesus loves sinners”. This was after someone was completely badmouthing someone who had went through a rough time. Makes me want to take a 10 count.

(3) Fridays when people don’t come into work:

Easy. Very few people on the road. Very few people at the gate. Easier drive. Real quiet. No booming. No trucks driving my at breakneck speed. Nice timeout.

Enjoy your weekend. Find a reason to stay happy. Call someone you haven’t called in a while.

Do. Be. Love one another as you would love yourself. Blessings.

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Rape in the Military

Although I understand the sensitivity and the emotional toll of sexual assault; I must share this with you to relay my frustration that victims of crimes need to report them. I feel like it is a social responsibility of people in a modern society. (I was also slandered by a pre-social media rape accuser).


Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 06.38.58

Thanks to Jack Dorsey’s unwavering support for this blog, I’m back on twitter. One of the first stories I ran across on that open sewer was the sad tale of rape victim Martha McSally, the CONservative republican senator from Arizona. McSally ran as a Trump supporting politician, and makes a number of hot-button issues a feature in her political life.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 06.40.32

Those hot button issues include feminism.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 06.40.48

And McSally has also made a rape accusation against a superior officer.

Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 06.42.17

It is notable that Senator McSally has refused to identify the man that she claims has raped her. Why would a sitting U.S. senator protect a dangerous criminal with a history of raping defenseless subordinates? We have to wonder.

Of course, thanks to feminists like McSally, we don’t really know what ‘rape’ means, since the lexical range of that word has been widened to include things like smiling and nodding at some…

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Think Twice About Porn

Folks; I have explained to everyone my beefs with porn. (And no; it wasn’t the neo-churchian feminists bullsh*t either).

I wanted to present one more argument: Mindgeek.

This may not mean anything to you but they are one of the biggest owners of porn websites on the internet. They are also huge data miners. They collect and sell it.

Im not a conspiracy person but if you follow their rabbit hole shady stuff might be found. Nevermind someone knows what you are doing and what you like. You aren’t anonymous.

I also want you to check out Hunter Drew’s previous article PORN IS TOXIC TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF MASCULINITY from the Family Alpha website.


Takeaways: Don’t be numb. Live a better erotic life. Be the best man you can be.

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Finding Equality: Equal Treatment

I must bring up the idea of (paraphrased from Stefan Molyneux) if women wanted to find an equal footing in society, they must start holding each other accountable for poor behavior and inappropriate actions. (An example of this was on Men 101 YouTube channel’s video “Stefan Molyneux Chats With a Woman Who HATES MGTOW”, specifically 34:45 mark).

The libertarian in me wants people to thrive and the element of self-accountability is a governing force. Not a paternalistic government, but self control and society controlling itself.

I push men to hold themselves accountable for their actions and downfalls, the same as I push them to celebrate their victories larger or small.

To find equality; women must hold themselves accountable and not accept substandard behavior out of other women. They must call out terrible behavior. They must highlight those that break the law and those that abuse the law too.

I may get blue in the face telling people to not blame others for their problems but it is always true. You can grow when you understand where you fail and where other people fail too.

Be better. Do Better. Grow.

Do. Be. Love one another as you would want to be loved. Blessings.

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“Ever thus to Sh*theels”

A quick time out from my usual bantering and calls out for you to liberate yourselves from the government running (poorly) your lives.

I am blessed in my life. No matter what the injuries I have received throughout my time or the people that left my life have said. I celebrate what I had and not mourned what I hadn’t.

We are getting somewhere. You are capable of seeing the destination if you keep your eyes open. Don’t get blinded by bs.

Ever thus to the sh*theels, we keep going and loving it.

Three things to be thankful for:

(1) Indiscriminate beauty:

Whether it be the rain clouds rolling down the mountain, fractal geometric patterns in ice, or your co-worker with a new haircut/makeup combo; embrace the beauty that you find. It will be more valuable than the pain you face.

(2) When problems explain themselves:

I had been worried about various things. I had not fretted anymore about them but I took a step back and examined. Quite often the explanations came along without any rash actions. I am thankful for the calm and collectedness I have learned.

(3). Return to the Non-PC world:

I was honored that the Order of Man podcast had a show titled Politically Incorrect (guest was Chad Prather). The whole show was purposeful. I had been screaming for people to not be scared of “PC” for a while. It was especially true when I came back from overseas to my home country being full of either “shut uppped” people or triggered snowflakes. We can never advance as men if we don’t move beyond this idiocy. It starts with us.

In closing today; I must mention a special thanks to Ryan Michler for being a non-PC voice in this world and attempting to bring men back to their roles in this country.

Special links: https://www.orderofman.com/author/orderofman/


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A Couple Of Insane Tweets To Show How Mainstream Misandry Is.

Food for thought re-post. Two detestable types of people you should avoid. Screeching harpy and male-feminist loser.

Fist in the Face of Misandry

cher 01mark

I think I am stuck in some wacko bizarre alternative reality from some dystopian science fiction novel.

Misandry is real, and it is mainstream.

My dream is to see mainstream acceptance of this sort of crap to get throw into the dustbin of history.

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A Case for Female Psychopaths

I had started to type this yesterday and I had unfortunately tripped up completely. I had a myriad of interesting quotes and videos I was grabbing info from. Cue “paralysis by analysis”.

I wanted to warn you of something that bit me yesterday. I was thinking of psychopaths and their behaviors. YouTube kept poking up videos about Elizabeth Holmes.

Yes, the media’s former darling. The one that many power elites were “you-go-girling” all the way. I always knew that something bothered me greatly about her.

I am not completely sure if she qualifies to be a female psychopath but there are plenty of things that should bug you about Elizabeth.

(1) She tried to impress people and “flex nuts” by using a husky, baritone voice:

Examine at the 2:20 mark a great explanation.

Can you not just have substance to your pursuits without a drive for some “penis envy” scenario? I looked past your ripping off Steve Jobs for crappy marketing. Trying to be a man is a whole “nuther” can of worms.

(2) She wasn’t a teenage genius; She was a well-connected, spoiled kid.

Her boyfriend was an already connected to Sunny Balwani, who was a tech entrepreneur. She comes from the Fleischmann’s Yeast fortune. (Charles Fleischmann was her 3x Granddaughter). Her people had money. She had a bullshit idea that didn’t pan out. A few power elites drank the Kool-Aid too. She made a good story.

(3) She doubled down on a lie:

She easily could have came clean about her short comings but she kept up about her delusions. Her company could have survived if she just let the technology develop. The lies created other lies. The honest people in her company were hurt by her lies (and also by her toadies).

I am not exactly a wordsmith but I want you to read more into psychopaths and people in that realm. Please be aware of the behaviors that they show. (Especially in women; we often overlook the warning signs due to our societal programming. Being aware can save you time, heartache, and money).

Be well. Light off your thinking. Read/Learn/Know.

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