Scaramucci’s Foul: Lessons in Butthurt

You have seen it in the news. Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci has made his rounds. I wanted to quote his tweets via fake news outlet CNN:

“For the last 3 years I have fully supported this President, Recently he has said things that divide the country in a way that is unacceptable. So I didn’t pass the 100% litmus test. Eventually he turns on everyone and soon it will be you and then the entire country.”

I believe that his (Anthony Scaramucci) rash actions of late were the result of a man who made bad decisions and didn’t play the game he was hired to do. It screams of butthurt. His quotes and near slander support this idea.

Among common men that don’t hide behind wealth; one could call someone with a butthurt exterior and running mouth a vermin, (a rat of sorts). I wouldn’t dare to call a man a snitch when I don’t have enough evidence to do so but someone that couldn’t hack 12 days of a White House staff job doesn’t hold a lot of faith in me. (…Don’t put me on a jury when he starts testifying).

Any other person in Donald Trump’s admin with any scruples who need to dip out did so with grace. They didn’t disappear with whiny commentary. They didn’t show up at the opposition’s fundraisers or political rallies. If you screwed up; talk to your boss and resign. It was easy to think that a Goldman Sachs background or Harvard automatically meant someone owed you. Save face and step aside. With hold commentary until a later day when the storm has subsided, then you could write a book and go on Anderson 360.

Running your mouth is your foul. It is going to hurt you later too. (I am glad that the Mooch never served in the Marines or any military branch). Loose lips sink ships or Keep it in the family. No one likes a snitch or a dime dropper. “Dont catch one”.

I call a chickenshit a chickenshit when needed. I call foul when I see it. This is Scaramucci’s foul.



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Make Money with Business, Not Lawsuits

The way to make money honestly in business is to provide a great service or product. (And if I wanted to be funny, have your income exceed your expenses).

Lawsuits are not the best way to make money or to get revenge. It is also not an avenue for “fairness”. (Fairness is bs, by the way).

The best way for you to “win” in a situation when you are thinking you are being wronged is to live a better life and team up with those that are on your side. I even suggest that you support the “enemy of your enemy”. (These are libertarian solutions and not “victim” solutions).

Instead of feeding shitberg lawyers; feed an opposing business. Invest your time and money into the competition. The competition will thrive when you give them the boost. I mentioned this in my latest video.

YouTube has kicked plenty of people off of its platform. (and yes, even people with good content and a bevy of followers). But the best have started to support competition and even start their own platforms).

I include my latest video where I discuss this and I also included two links to articles about folks like Prager U and Watts the Safeword that are going down the lawsuit road.

Is YouTube Discriminating Against Both Conservatives and LGBT Videos? Two Lawsuits Say Yes.

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What is the Southern Poverty Law Center?

***This is a re-post. SPLC became a legal arm of the far left years ago. They skewed away from any real purpose years ago. There is no credibility left.***


The Southern Poverty Law Center was connected to a 2012 domestic terrorism attack The Southern Poverty Law Center was connected to a 2012 domestic terrorism attack

We hear a lot in the news about an organization called the “Southern Poverty Law Center”, or SPLC. Big technology companies and news media corporations rely on the SPLC to tell them about “hate groups”. But did you know that the SPLC was once directly linked to anti-Christian, anti-conservative domestic terrorism? The attack happened way back in August 2012.

Here is a recent USA Today editorial by Jessica Prol Smith, in which she recalls the act domestic terrorism that nearly claimed her life.

She writes:

I’ll never forget the moment I learned we were on lockdown. It was Aug.15, 2012. My frustration mingled with fear. Trapped on the sixth floor, we knew someone had been shot. We knew we couldn’t leave yet. We knew little else.

While I was missing lunch, a crime scene played out in…

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Are you ready for marriage? 10 questions to find out how prepared you are

**** Weekend laziness; I like to re-blog an interesting article when I find one. I know a few people that have seen a trainwreck when they didn;t do their marital homework before they got married. This article takes a short dive into a few of those things.


Marriage and family Marriage and family

Would you like your marriage to be long-lasting and fulfilling? Well, check out the questions below and see if you are ready for life-long wedded bliss.

1. Are you opposed to no-fault divorce laws?

No-fault divorce laws allow one spouse to leave the marriage at any time, for any reason, or for no reason at all. If you support no-fault divorce, then your view of marriage is that it’s something to be entered into lightly, because it can be exited easily. You’ll be walking down the aisle thinking “oh well, if it doesn’t work out, I can always get a divorce”. If you oppose no-fault divorce laws, then your view of marriage is that there is no escape hatch. You’ll probably be a lot more careful about getting married. Since you are convinced that marriage is built to last forever, you’ll have a courtship of at least…

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Why We Should Return to The Days of Boxing

I remember seeing stories from my grandfather’s generation about their time in World War II in “smokers”, (in modern language this means short boxing matches).

It was normal for men from rural and working white neighborhoods to get engaged in boxing as a leisurely activity. Boxing was a bonding opportunity and good athletic exercise. Every neighborhood seemed to have a club (or a parish/county could have a basement boxing league).

This carried over to the army and even shipboard Navy times. Men could have an opportunity to blow off steam. You could also settle beefs and get on with your lives. I think this allowed men to sharpen themselves and “stay family” with their compadres.

When I was in the service; we never had anything like smokers. There was too much bureaucracy for someone to deal with so we could have a respite from the days worries. We had an all service team (and the tryout/camp process) but we missed out on the comraderie.

After my time in the service’; the few times I have ever sparred with someone were very enlightening. I got punched and I punched. Receiving a snappy jab was one of the most honest gifts I have ever received. It allowed for me to understand the weight of my actions.

I think that we are missing structure like boxing now. We have men failing to communicate and settle their problems like gentlemen. They choose to lose face and to commit to “disproportionate” responses.

I think it helped us keep each other honest and we learned what it took to take care of our tribe. I learned where my feet were. My feet have been somewhere and my feet needed to have a plan too. I had to be aware of my surroundings. It was a dance of sorts.

I never had a lot of respect for boxers growing up. They were always from “somewhere else”. They were often changing names on a marquee. But I had made a mistake of separating the artist from the art. Boxing is a fascinating art form. It is more than a sport.

The artists (boxers) that I have spoke with in my life were people that could have taught me a lot. Boxing was more than a jive ass money hustle. It was a respected olympic sport and a past time that used to bring men together. I look forward to the days when men allow boxing to become a part of their lives. I hope that us men will learn to be well rounded animals again.

(Special thanks to Ed Latimore. May it bring you to tomorrow).


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As the Worlds Turn…

A post from “Jack” at Sigma Frame gives a new look at how we define first, second, and third world.

I wanted you folks to look at examples from history and the mistakes of other countries to re-define what is success when it comes to “the state”.

via As the Worlds Turn…

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Pick Your Sellouts, I Mean Heroes Carefully

I understand that in our modern day, we often have to change our direction (or as our sailors say “tack”) if we want to thrive and/or survive.

I will be the first to admit that I have had to quit doing one thing I was passionate about when I started to make a decent amount of money doing something else. I also know that many famous or semi-famous people have had to stop doing things when they made money doing other things too.

This isn’t what I am talking about. Today; I am talking about the type of people that have let their supporters/fans down and went against “who brought them there”.

In my latest video; I brought up the example of someone like Jay-Z who had already had a chunk of change from the rap game. He is now playing a punk for his wife’s fake brand of feminism and the “victim class” in his new “partnership” with the NFL.

I wanted to use him as an example of where men need to be careful of sellouts and who they pick as an arbiter of success. He might have money but he is a poor example of someone from his community.

I was done with the “trailer park” losers when I left home. I also decided that I would rather be cast out with my dignity when my new “masters” tried to call in a favor. I know where I stand and you should know your limits too. Learn to recognize when someone has been put up to something and when they didn’t have personal boundaries.

Pick your heroes and your sellouts wisely.


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What Men Can Learn From Mass Shooters

Yes; I am going there. The media wants to sit on gun control and toxic masculinity.

I want to learn where these assholes went wrong. I am going to tackle a few of them today.

Eliot Rodger (Isla Vista California)

Although I am hesitant to pick through the myriad of issues in his life; he had many things that could have gone right. He had lived around many different ethnicities and had a multi-ethnic background. He also had many experiences with the mental health system. Eliot could have easily picked a spiritual route and chose to help people with mental illness. He knew many things about different types of people/cultures. He should have chosen a different life path. (Running after chicks isn’t for everyone).

George Sodini (Collier Township PA)

He was sexually frustrated. He had complained of a dry streak. But I reflected on his intelligence, at least from the fact that he was a systems analyst and a fairly savvy saver. (Given that he was at least smart enough to purchase life insurance). George could have spun his energy into something worthwhile like daytrading or even went back to school to double down on education for his work. A search for information never steers a researcher wrong.

Stephen Paddock (Las Vegas NV)

An educated man with a varied background in business and assorted pursuits. He was able to earn a decent living at real estate and poker. The man had a pilots license at one time and he owned two planes. He was comfortable traveling to many foreign countries. Although many of the details given to the public are sketchy; he might have struggled with mental issues. I feel like that he could work through these by combining his talents into a small service flight company. He also could have started a website or internet tourist aimed company about video poker/gambling. He was a tragic loss of capability.


I could rattle off a few more but I want you to consider these men as a warning. The warning that you have more to live for than end stage infamy. You can serve your community and your fellow man.


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What Lessons Do Forrest Gump Give Men (pt 1)?

I am struggling for a topic today but I wanted to reach into the life’s lesson grab bag. I wanted to start by giving you a reference: Forrest Gump, specifically when Forrest “handles” Wesley. (Wesley was Jenny’s boyfriend).

Although it is entertaining and sickingly “chivalrous”; it was wrong for a few specific reasons.

Forrest interrupted the natural flow of the event and he wasn’t a guest to begin with:

He was out of his element. He wasn’t a Black Panther, he was a returning injured vet who was not following the movement. He should have stepped out.

Although I don’t know if Wesley was a organizer for the group, he definitely appeared to be working in their organization or at least his views synced with theirs.

It is in poor taste to start or even escalate a rumble in the middle of any type of party. If the gentlemen involved can step out away from others; that is advisable. Believe me, you don’t want to be the asshole fighting in the middle of a birthday party. It moves beyond two gentleman when other parties get involved, especially when it comes to relatives and people linked to you socially.

I know that we often feel like we can’t help things like this but you must think two steps ahead.

Ask yourself the following questions: What is the purpose for this event? Will my behavior change those around me’s opinion of me? Can it wait?

I was involved (twice) with events like the one mentioned. I walked into the end of a family squabble and I got involved with a family squabble.

People have a way of ranking you. You can find yourself “de-ranked” in the eyes of others. In these turbulent days, it is harder to connect socially with people.

It might be in your best interest to not dive into a squabble and it is advisable to “step out” when things turn south.

Learn from me. Learn from Forrest.

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The marriage marketplace connection to China’s ghost cities.


Way back in 2011 I wrote an off topic post on China’s ghost cities.  With the current trade war with China I’ve been watching some youtube videos to try to get a better understanding of what is going on with China’s economy.  One thing I learned is that the infamous ghost cities aren’t merely a product of central planning gone wrong.  There is a strong speculative component to the phenominon, as the apartments in the empty buildings are being purchased for astronomical prices by highly leveraged chinese citizens, especially chinese men who are looking to signal their suitability to marry by owning “property”.  I put property in quotes because what they are typically buying is an unfinished (bare concrete) apartment in a building on land leased from the government for 70 years.

As the video above explains, not all “ghost cities”remain empty forever.  At times the speculation pays off…

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