FreeMatt in Review: 5-2 to 5-9

Remember that other people are struggling too. Don’t shoot security guards and shove old ladies. In the meantime; please feel free to peruse the FreeMatt in Review.

Josef Gangl: A German Born American Hero

The last battle of WWII reared its ugly head and a German Wehrmacht officer decided to fight for peace. It cost him his life but it earned the respect of people that he once fought against.

  Inconvenient Thought: Covid-19 Isn’t Killing Enough People

Evolution kills off morons too. It comes for the bleach and aquarium cleaners. Death. Covid-19 isnt killing enough people. Learn more in this posting.

  The Matters w/ Matt: Re-Answering Self Help Questions

I have a level of disdain for advice columns. It doesn’t matter who is doing it. As always, someone spreads their own dirt online. I answer someone else’s questions in a weekly feature: The Matters w/Matt.

Proud Patriots of Stikamuk County

In this posting, I salute those that talk a big game but watch other people do the hard work. They wag the flag while your kids die. “Couldn’t be bothered?” Special thanks to Lee Greenwood and Ted Nugent.

Libertarian Message for Police Among Us

The police are creating a new class of criminals. In this posting; I ask for them to take a moral stand and stop endangering their lives for the whims of their stupid employers. Their jobs can be important if they want them to be.


Getting back to the gym next week. Please take care of yourself and be aware of “Tha Rona’ Comeback”. Enjoy the week.

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Josef Gangl: A German Born American Hero

I had almost forgotten about a WWII event that has been overlooked by Americans who want to remember WWII. On May 5th, 1945; Josef Gangl decided to fight for peace instead of identity. He lost his life fighting with the US Army against troops of his own country in the waning days of the war. I ask you to remember him.

I had incidentally found out about him online through research, not knowing that a book had been published about him. I knew about the battle from Sabaton’s song The Last Battle (There is currently a documentary out and a movie being put into production. I don’t have a lot of information about this).

Without talking about Gangl’s military history in depth; he spent time fighting against the United States. He was also supposed to shoot nearby villagers that were surrendering to nearby US troops. He refused. I must skip over a few details but he ended up contacting Austrian underground personnel and eventually an American recon unit for support in defending the Castle Itter from a SS Division numbering 150 men.  Gangl’s men, combined with liberated prisoners, joined with American troops to fight off the attacking SS long enough to get relief from the 142nd US Infantry Regiment. Gangl was the only castle defender to lose their life. Major Gangl was reported to have been shot moving former French Prime Minster out of the line of fire.

Josef Gangl received various awards from his act of bravery, notably from Austrians. I am unsure if he received anymore accolades posthumously. Many Americans that fought with him received medals, but I am certain that he was never formally recognized by the United States government for his sacrifice. (A few months ago, I wrote to the President suggesting that he consider bestowing the Presidential Medal of Freedom, posthumously, in his name.

I think it is time that he be recognized for his contribution to peace.


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Inconvenient Thought: Covid-19 Isn’t Killing Enough People

*****Warning to My Readers: I’m Not Advocating Watching People Die or Being Negligent*****

It isn’t just the disease I am talking about. I have an issue with many people on this planet. The problem is the legion of idiots that find a way to mangle themselves or even kill themselves due to their lack of basic intellectual ability. (Note morons drinking bleach, aquarium cleaner, or various dangerous non-medical solutions to treat/prevent coronavirus). I don’t think that my taxpayer money is best used to try to stop these people. Some people can’t be saved from themselves.

“If you are dumb enough to listen to what the president said, then go drink Clorox bleach, you should die. You deserve to die. You shouldn’t be on this planet…its just thinning of the herd. We needed to get rid of a few of you, the same ones that were licking doorknobs and out there trying to catch the virus. Go drink Drano. That’s the type of person we don’t need around”. —Jason Stapleton

Without a supposed pandemic, idiots will find a way to hurt themselves. They will ignore warning labels. Common sense ideas will be glossed over due to adopted moronic sets of beliefs. People will become modern day witch doctors while actual medical information will be ignored. No matter how many crash helmets and warnings we give them; death, just like life, will find a way.

(Flashing back to the medical side of the pre-pandemic world, we couldn’t get the vast majority of people to not shit on subway cars and sneeze on people. People in areas affected by Zika mosquitos couldn’t be bothered to not get pregnant. Redneck assholes wouldn’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. We think nothing of having unwashed masses shooting up with dirty needles in parks. But we are all of a sudden worried about idiots drinking methanol and ingesting bleach?)

Quoting Jason Stapleton at Wealth, Power, and Influence: (“Its not killing a million Americans. Early estimates said a million possible deaths”). His show later reflected that total deaths were 58,000, although many of these deaths might have been due to other causes.

Although we are at the waning days of what could be called Round 1 of the Rona’ Battle; it has been a lot less intense that what we thought it would be, (outside of major cities). I do not know if a Round 2 will be with us in the fall time or even next year. I just know that cooler heads are the one’s that survive the best and often there are many that don’t rise to the challenge. Evolution applies during the best of times and the worst of times. And often, we are wrong to stop it.

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The Matters w/ Matt: Re-Answering Self Help Questions

As I have done in this past few weeks; I found a reason to find myself disgusted by advice columns. I laugh and cringe when it comes to old standby’s like Ask Amy and the formerly great Dear Prudence. Most of these columnists are naturally inclined to give you bad advice. I think that people, especially men, get terrible advice that will steer them wrong. I don’t blame anyone that calls advice column responses tripe. I always wanted to correct their responses and help society by being an utmost asshole, (hat tip to Aaron Clarey @ Asshole Consulting).

Consider this “throwback” piece, originally from Hearst Publication’s/Seattle PI’s Carolyn Hax column (September 28, 2019):

Hi Carolyn: I am a 30-year-old, recently married woman. My husband and I did not get married in haste-we went to premarital counseling and have been together six years-but I am beginning to feel like the wool was pulled over my eyes this entire time.

I have been slowly uncovering financial issues such as unpaid rent and car notes, credit card changes, and extra equipment and phone lines in my name. My husband is not being cooperative in explaining this, and I teeter between feeling like a complete idiot for allowing him to handle our finances- my career in finance- and just completely overwhelmed and hurt. I have started the process of removing his access to my accounts, but how do I know if this is something to walk away from? Where do I start to pick up the pieces? This is not how I imagined starting out. —-Falling Apart

Here is my answer:

A:  I think you should look in the mirror for where your husband went wrong. This had been going on since you were engaged. You just glossed over it. He had always been irresponsible. It didn’t take a career in finance to see this. Only you can see if this is something you should walk away from but I imagine that you might be hiding something from him too.


I don’t imagine that I will have a shortage of emails to answer. I would love to start doing this for anyone that sends me an email. If this is you; email us at

If you hate advice columns; I don’t blame you. If it isn’t soft people giving advice; it is someone waking up six years to late writing in and telling everyone that they screwed up. Till next week.


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Proud Patriots of Stikamuk County

Plenty of times in our lives, we find the hairs stand on the backs of our necks when we hear the sounds of “real red blooded” American’s music like Lee Greenwood, Ted Nugent, or Bruce Springsteen. We see prominent leaders like Wayne LaPierre, Dick Cheney, and Rudy Giuliani that inspire the fighting spirit within us. But all of these things are pale in comparison to the Proud Patriots of Stikamuk County.

The Stikamuk patriots push us to stand up for the fighting spirit of America. In my times around them, I heard tons of their stories about bravery. Our brothers and sisters in Stikamuk are the last line of defense, the vast majority of them will boastfully tell you “if they come up the mountain, we will shoot’em”. It didn’t matter if it was the North Vietnamese, Russians, North Koreans, Taliban, or any other enemies overseas.

I would often watch the news, often programming regarding the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, with my coworkers. I found myself asking a few of my coworkers at my former place of work about military service, seeing that I had done a stint in the active duty side of the US Navy. The answers from the Patriots of Stikamuk really surprised me. A few of them told me that “if the country really needed them, they would step up”. A few others would tell me that if we would just let a few of “Corn Holler’s plowboys over there, we would whip their asses”.  I also found a family member of a Vietnam veteran tell me this jewel of wisdom: “The gulf war really wasn’t for country people. We had work to do”. (This guy could be counted on to defend the homeland with his boisterous talk of shooting various “sumbitches” and his Spartanesque physique of 450 lbs.). A few of Stikamuk’s best told me about making junior college a priority, specifically chasing girls and drinking cheap beer. But they are the first to tell everyone how proud they are of their country.

I had always thought it wasn’t a unique thing to serve our military in a foreign country. I had known a few others that had either served in “the sand pit”, “the ‘Stan”, and or ‘Nam. But the patriots of Stikamuk County are such fervent American’s that they could never imagine leaving its comfortable shores. I always got the strangest looks when I told folks I had been deployed to the Caribbean, Central and South America. I spoke of seeing beautiful waters and wonderful sights. Many of Stikamuk’s best had never seen the international airport in a neighboring county. The idea of a foreign country, “with funny talkin’ folks”, is the reason why the patriots are the last line of defense.

When I ran into a native Stikamuk patriot that had served in the military; it was often in a National Guard unit at a local base where they had been stationed mostly, (outside of a short stay in boot camp). Many of the guardsmen never deployed, outside of in state training. I have met a few of them “in these parts”. Some of them were able to weasel their way out of deployments. The crème de la crème of these were rear echelon heroes that couldn’t stand or take off their hats for the national anthem. (I could go on about this).

In closing; I learned that the Proud Patriots of Stikamuk County are elitists among themselves. They imagine that jobs outside of their little world are not worth doing. It is always something that “them big city folks do”. They have no vision outside of their little world. The world can fall apart but it wont matter because it didn’t hit “Stikamuk County”. It is almost like it isn’t their job. That is why I salute the flag waving Proud Patriots of Stikamuk County.


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Libertarian Message for Police Among Us

I distance myself from most libertarians in that I believe that the vast majority of us can co-exist (not in a stupid hippy way) with the police.

I believe that the police could have a moral purpose instead of servicing the whims of both their employers (non profict corporate entities including counties, cities, and states) and the legal environments (courts and the leeches they benefit).

Police have the opportunity to do what most people think they should be doing, (roughly constitutional concerns). I have mentioned that issues of transgression of property or being denied access to one’s property. (You would call this destruction of property or trespassing). I also mention actual physical assaults and personal issues like this.

Dealing with “Karen’s” stupid issues and fundraising opportunities (speeding tickets and DUI’s) have never been a fundamental focus. People are quick to forgive them and think that they are being served by them. The truth that we arent.

We are slowly starting to see that non criminals are starting to be targeted by law enforcement. (Law enforcement being used as hired toughs by tyrannical overseers). Law enforcement is more than safety. They are for their own safety. They decide what is over the thin blue line. And often, it is one random guy at the beach or a elderly black guy walking down the street with a golf club steadying him. Police are determining what their enemies are. It is no longer MS-13 or thugs. It turned into J Edgar Hippy or Grandpa Jenkins.

I dont want you to become enemies. The police in my community are human beings. Many of them are folks that love life and want the best for us all. But their silence is what creates an opportunity for chaos.

Im begging for them to take a principled stand and stop overreach. It takes not spacing out and playing ignorant like many LEO’s have. It takes not being a stereotype. Be enlightened and learning about who you work “with”. Fight against stupidity. For your safety and the safety of the public.

Let people be your customer and not subjects. Dont be the courts fundraising arm. Re-state your mission statement. Please be well and let people live their lives

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What I’ve Been Reading, Listening to, And Noticing This Week

Reading: Your taxpayer funding hard at work. Kentucky Headhunter at Whores And Ale lends us this heads up about law enforcement being sent in droves to break up what appears to be a take out service restaurant. Yes, it is about as weird as it sounds.

Additional Reading: In a short but sweet posting; Busted Knuckles takes a run at the busy bodies in our lives; the Karens. The comment section rounds out the fun.

Listening: Two dang fine gentleman, Hunter Drew and Craig James team up for a podcast about leading a family by living a great life and giving great guidance to the people in among you.

Noticing: Hidden among the detritus of Kim Jong Un sightings was a mention of the US Women’s Soccer Teams collapse at the hands of their attorneys. They went from skilled international football/soccer players to puzzled athletes in no time. Check your contracts?

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FreeMatt in Review: 4-26 to 5-1

We are on the cusp of some return to normalcy. But potential beachgoers are screaming for a boogaloo. In the meantime; please feel free to peruse the FreeMatt in Review.

In Want, As Men, Our Lives Wilt

A philosopher sans time taught me that men without a war (proverbial or literal) are always in want. They yearn and starve. Teaching the next generation, the poverty of mind. (Never knowing how to feed mind, body, and spirit).


 Maria, Sister of A Dark Bellwether

I shared a blue pill story about my high school days. You often miss the non-verbal context when a quiet person tells you the truth. Take a minute to notice it.


 The Matters w/ Matt: Re-Answering Self Help Questions

I have a level of disdain for advice columns. It doesn’t matter who is doing it. I was blessed to have someone jump on this idea along with me. I answer someone else’s questions in a weekly feature: The Matters w/Matt.


Covid-19 Doesn’t Mean You Have To Be A Jackass

Reports in a regional newspaper mention an uptick in domestic violence. My advice is to “hold your sh*t” and exert the proper amount of energy for the situation. Don’t pick fights and get on with your lives. Don’t be a jackass.


Turn Back From Decadence: Try Embracing Hardship

In these hard times, I encourage you to embrace hardship. I used it to keep me on the “straight and narrow”. Live a level of hardship everyday, not just on Mondays. Don’t get soft when we are penned up like animals.


I am slowly getting videos back up on our YouTube channel. I may not be Werner Herzog but I am on my way. Enjoy the week. Take care of yourselves.

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In Want, As Men, Our Lives Wilt

Troubled by a passage I had read in McClay’s Sanction vol II, I stopped to think that men’s lives are wilting. We are in a pattern of want. I know this because of the crisis affecting many of us. (My profession leaving much to be desired in my spirit. My neurons some how link with other sentient beings to have a demoralizing feeling on a day where the weather could be considered a gift from God).

…men without a war, never become men. And the whole species wilts before the invigilating eye of nature, who has judged us and found us wanting.

Men know nothing of hunger. Often, they are brought up by an invisible hand that feeds them. An imaginary father. The father that makes gods out of the weak and dishonest. For their tribute, they pass along a pittance. This pittance serves no one and it does nothing for the modern man. The man is not taught to feed themselves or create a condition to make themselves satiated. They continue on and eventually teach others in serial generations to do nothing for themselves.

Of course, they can teach their “progeny” to rut aimlessly instead of cementing joint ventures between resource holding “clans” or “families”. They teach each other to try to maximize their windfalls from the “imaginary father”. There is no toil, outside of pointless peacocking. The war they commit is for their limited insight. The violence is misplaced and their deaths are often for uncalled for purposes. (Completely outside of what a civilized person would call normal).

Men, being segregated from most semblance of the Lord’s provenance, know not who to thank for their bounty. And often, they see no bounty.

We have little to no purpose. We search for it. (At least the moral man does). The immoral man does not. The immoral can saddle up to the feed trough, take whatever stimulation was possible, and rinse/repeat like an automaton.

I hurt for those that don’t hunger, either spiritually or physically. I see the biological automaton as our species downfall. These creatures have no real war. No real purpose. Many of us are hoping that a blessed correction could come about.



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Maria, Sister of A Dark Bellwether

Completely unrelated to anything politically linked or our trying times; I remembered a interaction with a classmate in high school. “Maria” had always been a very quiet person, as I had been a boisterous and somewhat jovial person that told jokes/gave out bizarre anecdotes.

Maria had always been around in a few of my classes. Participating in group projects and giving input on occasion. She seldom if ever was able to show any level of emotion, often maintaing the same level of “frump” no matter if she was content or upset. (A smart man would gamble that she had a mild case of “Resting Bitch Face”.). Maria was polite and never seemed to stick her nose in anyone’s business. She never made a fuss when a compatriot of mine or I had made a ruckus. She overheard the best and the worst. This is a key detail.

As with any Blue Pill tale of woe; looking back is where we see our errors. I had gotten involved with a classmate of ours; Paulina. We had a moderate amount of time around each other. I never imagined that I had run off the rails. I drew a lot in that class among other classes. I drew whimsical pictures of ants drinking or other scenes. The pictures on occasion would incorporate classmates into them. (Most people I knew drank or at least had tried it before). On occasion, I would show one to Paulina. Long story short; we had been known to flirt with each other. We ended up fairly known to other people. Everything seemed hunky dory. I asked her out to my junior prom.

It was the worst date I ever have been on. She was not very stimulating company. She didnt dance and I felt an increasing level of boredom. Friends around me made odd faces at dinner. I ended up taking her home early.

The following week, I ran into Maria. She had overheard me talking about my disasterous date. Maria actually blurted out at a low volume: “She never seems to be happy”. She later told me more about how much Paulina would talk about me.

(I admit my BP beginnings and the errors I made). The real lessons were when I looked back and missed the red flags:

(1) Paulina had a harpy/maneater of a mom. Ugly relationship at home).

(2) She seem to have negative things to say about her dad/brother.

(3) Paulina hated the town we lived in after moving there a short time before we met. Her attitude never changed and she couldnt ever say anything positive.

(4) Her friends were few and far between. Most of them sparingly would say anything at all about her. I received a little more comments from them in the same vein of Maria’s.

She seemed entitled to everyone’s efforts. (Her family sued a  neighbor for their dog biting her when she was little. The ugly part was that she seemed proud of the windfall of the settlement). She was a princess of the worst sorts.

The last time we ever spoke was worse than all of these situations combined. I certaintly hope that life helped open her eyes. Mine did.

(The biggest clue that I missed from Maria was her minor facial expressions when she saw us talk. She was concerned. Not jealous, not angry. )

I was blind but I learned to see because of Maria the Dark Bellwether.

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