Soccer Moms Revisited

Today; I had originally planned on writing a posting regarding village idiots. I (somewhat) think that it is unfair to idiots everywhere. I decided to focus on something that is endemic of every city, town, or burg: The Soccer Mom. (I have met many of these people that happen to be predominately women but they are also men of all ages).

I use this term, not to slander mothers of child soccer players, but to describe the kind of people that make liberty and free use of property dang near impossible.

The kind of person that gripes about the safety of gas cans to the government but cries even more when they end up buying a “safe” version that some bureaucrat made. They easily could have wrote a company for improvements or even started their own company.

The kind of person that says that we don’t need guns when we have police. But they decry a ten minute response time from our local law enforcement. This person easily could have learned gun safety and joined a neighborhood security response team.

The kind of person that says “someone aughta do something” but they choose to sit at Target and Starbucks instead of getting off their asses.

The kind of person that uses their local government to block the opening of a local establishment. This person easily could have gone door to door to talk to people about the “cons” of frequenting it. But this person wants the government to parent instead.

This person is the reason why our lives got harder. They are intellectually lazy and think nothing of running other people’s lives into the ground.

Don’t be a “soccer mom”. Be self accountable and self responsible instead. Be a responsible parent and neighbor. It is your life, you only have one.

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Zoning Destroys Liberty

Although I have to admit that political reality might exist between two sets of ideal conditions. But I personally believe that we can sacrifice political reality for the ability of the working class poor to enter the small business world. (Pope John Paul II has been identified as someone that thinks that private property and the market economy were good things for the poor).

I see errors in the political reality in my nearby municipality. I read about re-zoning permit applications in the classifieds of our local paper. Quite often I see the news blurbs, or the results of their request, mentioning denials. If it isn’t denials, it is answering appeals. (I didn’t want to start to complain about tabled motions).

I read continious mentions from the city council on how they can help “economically invigorate” a rundown part of town.

I give them the idea of getting out of people’s way and let them generate income/taxes with their small businesses. They find use for some of these abandoned structures and they sure as hell want to find reasons to stick around. They can’t do that if they travel across town to find the right “zone”. Economic activity is best served in their area. They want to put effort into the area where they might find sucess or where their mission is “pointed at”.

And zoning comissions seem to serve only bureaucrats and the established.

I can find many examples of where people had met their final breaking point when it comes to their livelihoods and dealing with the zoning Napoleons. Most notable of my recollection was Marvin “Killdozer” Heemeyer, who exacted revenge during a townwide rampage using his armored bulldozer to destroy town hall and other buildings in Granby, Colorado.

I don’t suggest going on a rampage but I do suggest voting a few assholes out of a job or old fashioned civil disobedience.

Zoning isnt a sign of civilization, it became a nasty shitshow that hampers the use of one’s property.

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Your “Pride” Has Been Co-opted

H/T to Jacob Palmieri at the Palmieri Report for the “assist” in this blurb.

Folks; I honestly have gotten sick of the Pride month advertisements and mentions this month. Its not that I have a beef with “the gays” or “the movement”; its the fact that you people are being used for advertising fodder.

Google, YouTube, and any other Silicon Valley sh*tstorms are plastering rainbows on everything so they can pander to you. (And yes; they can turn on your free speech when convenient).

Clothing and fashion outfits are reinforcing stereotypes and groveling for your money. They magically assume that you can save their bottom line with a bump of sales. (But they continue to sell crappy quality clothes and accessories; assuming you won’t notice).

Every soulless corporation is taking advantage of our country’s luke-warm social conditions hoping you will overlook the fact that they cheat on their taxes and help screw over small businesses with barriers to entering the marketplace. But…hey! Its okay, we have rainbow emblems!

The rainbow community should wake up that they are no better than veterans, police, or firefighters. They can be co-opted to sell mattresses, cars, and clothes. You cry about companies taking over your parades but you should complain about tokenization. Your fight to become members of our society is being hampered by folks using you to make money.


LGBTQ members protest “corporatization” of Pride Parades

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The Podcast is Back to the Future

We finally get back on the ball and make a video.

We somehow mix the concept of our terrible parenting creating the snowflakes of tomorrow and how Back to the Future III should have been shot.

The lesson is that free range children and teaching kids to be adults can save humanity.

Biff Tannen and his acolyte Needles: “Always Look on the Bright Side of Life”.

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The Civil Liberty of Online Trolling


The most fundamental freedoms, which most of us takes for granted, are under constant attack from elitist control-freaks that want to direct the masses to their specific tunes. When the people that think they are in charge wake up to the realization that they need to switch up their marketing game because mass media consumption is changing, the resistance simultaneously wakes up to the fact that we didn’t have much freedom in the first place.

The Promise that never was.

I’m not a big fan of constitutions overall, but there are corner cases where they serve as a tool to illustrate to stupid people that they actually have rights and can act as a layer of defense against the ones that are both stupid and evil. The idea that constitutions embodies the sole reason that you have rights is backwards – At their best, constitutions can only explain them. At…

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Is #MeToo Creating A Culture of Female Victims? — PushUP24

This is an idea that I “bantied” around, now someone else has made a better verbalization of a great concept. I do fear that we are creating a victim culture with these ideas. You reap what you “sew”.


Full disclosure: I am not a supporter of Joe Biden. * * * So now Joe Biden is being told he’s made various women uncomfortable over the years. I believe it. So what does this mean? How damning is it, and what should Biden do about it? What should we do about it? And who is […]

via Is #MeToo Creating A Culture of Female Victims? — PushUP24

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GG Allin: The Real Day the Music Died

On this day in 1993; The music world lost a man named GG Allin. You may not know him and it wouldn’t have hurt his feelings if you didn’t.

(With many apologies; I don’t recognize Feb 3 1959. I do recognize the musician’s music that was lost that day).

GG Allin was a wild man but he lived the way that he wanted to. Very few people could keep up with him. He made wild music and he lived his own way.

He never did it for the money. He put his “soul” into the music.

He is an example of what an individual with belief in himself is. His message pushed you to have faith in yourself. hyperbole aside; he was authentic. He told you to be authentic.

I enjoy his music. His impact is still seen today. He is missed.


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Schisms: Good and Bad???

My handy American Heritage dictionary defined schism as “a separation or division into factions”. It was more than a song by Anthrax or Tool. I remember it as one church splitting off from another. But the most memorable in a societal reference is one I have seen in the “manosphere”.

Although at an inconvenient time; a notable split between the “Rolo camp” and the “ADJ” camp. I have read a few heated comments from many parties involved and many interlopers too. (I am hoping that things cool down). But I hope that a change in alignments are for the right reasons.

Schisms can bring encouragement for the new parties to work diligently to gain position and solidify their beliefs.

Schisms allow for a stalwart party to focus on the people that they have. They no longer have to worry about the people that left.

For all sides of a schism; they can work hard on finding the future of their positions. They can identify future teammates and newer “blood” to team up with.

I have faith that the split I have mention doesn’t split the over all message that men still have an important part to play in our society.

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Google internal document calls prominent Jews Dennis Prager and Ben Shapiro “Nazis”

If Ben Shapiro is an anti-Jewish Nazi; does that make me an anti-white misandrist fascist?


Google's new motto Google’s new motto – should we start calling them “Goolag” now?

I’ve been following the anti-Christian, anti-conservative bias of Big Tech for years now, and blogging about each new revelation. We’ve seen pro-Democrat bias over and over in the products and services of Facebook, Google, YouTube, Twitter, Spotify, Pinterest, etc. But I never thought I’d see Jewish exegete Dennis Prager and Orthodox Jew Ben Shapiro called “Nazis”.

But before we see who called these Jews “Nazis”, let’s see how a Google Executive in charge of censoring content explained in precise language how Google alters its products and services to benefit the Democrat Party.

The Daily Wire reports:

A new Project Veritas video that includes testimony from a whistleblower, leaked internal documents, and undercover footage of a Google employee discussing how the company is working to prevent “the next Trump situation” has been pulled by…

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“Say It to My Face”: Rule for Society

I had been listening to a morning show that was streamed live today on YouTube. The original purpose of today’s show was lost but I did find a jewel of wisdom.

“An armed society is a polite society. An anonymous society is an asshole society”.

I wanted to share with you the reasons why I have learned to temper what I say and even eliminate things that shouldn’t be said.

If it isn’t worth saying to someone’s face, it isn’t worth mentioning.

I ended up in troll like activities for quite a time. It didn’t matter if it was on Facebook, Twitter, or any other medium. But one of the strangest things happened to me… I ended up eating my words. I found out that I was wasting my time. I didn’t impact someone else’s life and I didn’t add to mine own.

I also found out that I wouldn’t have said it to this person’s face. It would have been a waste of time in person. I needed to stop throwing turds at these people. It wasn’t productive or a positive outreach. I didn’t need or want this person as an ally or partner. I was at fault.

I learned to shut up. Silence speaks loudly at times. I choose to not change others and  help myself first. Change myself first. I will let my actions impact those that were worth being impacted.

As a man and a libertarian; I don’t think that we need speech laws like the ones infecting parts of Europe. Our social conventions do the trick. Talk sh*t and get hit. Armed society is a polite society. You wouldn’t say that to (x)’s face. Etc.

We already have unwritten laws/rules and results from following/disobeying them. It is time for you to observe them.

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