DC Is Not the Sh*thole I thought it was

I went missing for a few days this week. The shop was empty and the only thing to do was go pick up something from the shop, nevermind the equipment wouldn’t be in use for a month or so. Nobody but old guys or cripples.

Anyway; I was on a not so secret mission that I took on short notice to deliver something in Washington DC. No, nothing nefarious. There weren’t enough Russian nationals or redheaded real estate agents available so they sent yours “Mattly” and a fellow coworker from another workcenter.

Due to other people’s ability to plan ahead; we got a late start and enjoyed phantom traffic in a nearby nightmare city. We arrived in the lesser DC area and found our drop off site.

Next, we went hunting around for hotels. No dice. Tour buses clogging up every damn hotel. Driving on and striking out everywhere, we wander through parking lots trying to find streets. Of course; roads are designed for no one. Construction makes everyone nuts.

It was after midnoght before we found a place. A freaking hour away from our destination. Poorly maintained place with friendly people.

The trip was lackluster but the people we met were helpful. Folks at the dock. Folks at the hotel. Folks at gas stations and fellow hotel guests. People were we the upside.

People bitch about DC being a cesspool of stuffshirts but I found some decent folks. I guess DC wasn’t the shithole I thought it was supposed to be.

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Sh*tty Humanity or How I learned (x)

The clouds may roll in and damper by lunchtime plans but I strive to keep my head up. I choose to be in a good mood.

I have seen terrible in humanity, the shitty like false rape accusers or inner city assholes that made excuses for themselves when their 19 year old bosses told them to stop using the “n-word”.

I hear those with continual dispirited attitudes (like incels and feminists) stay bitter when the world keeps spinning without them. Observable conditions slow at best.

I survived this somehow. I found reasons to be content and look past the clouds. I chose to not brush others with the tainted bristles from the parts of sh*tty humanity. The drive to do better is how I learned to move on.

Three things to be thankful for:

(1) Open windows when doors close:

I hate clichés but I had to use one today. I get to keep busy when my plans went awry. I found the window when my “dopest” door closed for this year. I am still hoping to get better medically but I am thankful for an alternative.

(2) Someone that had me on their radar:

I am a little different than most coworkers. I have a horseshoe mustache and I enjoy heavy metal. My sense of humor is shot at best. I had a supervisor call me with a great opportunity although I may have not been eligible to do it. It rocks when someone believes in you.

(3) Getting in touch with the extended family:

I was able to touch base with a few members of the Fraternity of Excellence. The two gentleman are hard working, imaginative people that don’t make excuses and continue to drive. I look forward to getting done with my medical issues and getting back to my goals.

Find out how you can look past the ugly. It should be easy when you choose to. Rock on.

Do. Be. Love one another as you would want to be loved. Blessings.

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Ladies: Work Isn’t Life

As I jam out to various heavy metal tunes (Cliffs of Dover is up there somewhere); I see various news stories that don’t directly tie together but if you add them up they can easily equate to a message that is contrary to what feminists have been telling women.

Ladies: Work Isn’t Life

It doesn’t matter if you are cubicle bound or “hitting rocks” with the tradesmen.

You should learn from the movie Office Space. officespacememe

Making a check (or trying to bust any type of ceiling) won’t make you happy. You can regret not living a purposeful life, being a career anything won’t fill that. I didn’t work for men. It won’t work for you.

You sure as hell won’t be the person to save humanity. (Never mind the idea of being a social worker that can’t cut a decent check. Not having nice things will get on your nerves unless you become a nun).

There is a good chance you might be supporting a terrible organization that either kills human beings or takes people’s money then beats up doctors. You might have a soulless existence helping people cough up money for some type of jive ass productive or service no one needs. Consumer debt is shit but you won’t make a difference talking people into taking up more of it either.



Being equal to men is a dumb proposition. We are more likely to die at work. We also have been known to die in mine cave ins and fires at oil refineries. The vast majority of us retire (or get aged out) of the workforce broken and surly. It might drive you to madness and the infamous rearview regret. You won’t be able to legislate happiness because it never worked for men. Work doesn’t make you free.

You can help stem the tide of our society’s downfall but it sure as hell won’t be through the workplace. Start by being a great woman. Be a great part of our lives instead of “fighting” to be an equal or competing with us.


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Narcissism: A Video for Someone Else

Yesterday; I recorded a video. I had been disturbed by the mentality that many people possess these days that has built up to them declaring themselves their own god. (It starts with narcissism but no one ever has enough).

Add attention whoring and a dash of self delusion, you will find something that assists humanity’s downfall.

The video roughly touches on this subject. Enjoy or slam your head against a wall?

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Boxer Reblog Lessons For Us

Unfortunately; I couldn’t specifically “re-blog” Boxer’s posting from yesterday. (It was the posting titled: Alex Carlton on Single Mothers).

Alex Carlton on Single Mothers

I was somewhat fired up after reading this piece. Not because I am on the market or have some itch to scratch. I wanted to mention that there were a few takeaways.

(1) Many single mothers often think they can “shame” someone into their lives. Or at least make themselves seem superior by downplaying/labeling a man with taste by usage of hyperbole.

(2) Many of the single mothers make a man #3 in their lives. I knew this from the beginning, but I had to bring it up again. It is highlighted in Boxer’s piece, among Richard Cooper’s work too.

(3) Although I do not use the “expensive” label; men become a resource to single mothers. This is due to nature and our social environment. But dealing with a single mother usually means you will eventually deal with time issues or kid issues. It will be sprung on you eventually. She may not love you anywhere near she loved the kids dad but she may be mixed up because of your utility.

In my personal life, the vast majority of single mothers left their “best” with someone else. I got the feeling that I would be second place at best but I don’t feel like that was something I wanted.

(Please note: I never said this about actual widows. The vast majority of widows were women that put in effort and did what was right with their man. They didn’t leave their best with someone that didn’t value them).

I don’t believe in rewarding bad decisions. I encourage you to tell others the same and you should develop the awareness.


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FreeMatt Against Porn Revisited

Men; I have went over this before. Porn isn’t something that you need in your life.

No conspiracy needed. You become the commodity and the creator of the commodity.

Red Pill Elephants (Vincent James) reflects many of my ideas in a different form in his video If You Only Knew the True Toll it Takes On Mind, Body, and Spirit.


I know that we are more than capable of browbeating each other but we need to stop doing this sh*t to numb ourselves. We need to feel pain, cause pain, and fight. We need to stop letting malevolent people steal our “drive”. We need to be the animals that our society really needs.

I went through some of this stuff before but it is time to bring it up again.

If you have a half-wit attention span I made a post called Character Development: Say No to Porn.

It still applies. Time to get on with our lives.



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Monday is Alright with me: SuperFreak

It is raining outside. My driveway is largely muck. My scrap wood fire is barely glowing, essentially smoldering only in its hottest areas.

I stumbled up from bed way early this morning. I haphazardly gathered my things together. I ate my poorly reheated eggs and sausage.

I left my home after stumbling around and having to gather my things together. I was late. It was raining. The roads were slow. Brake lights abound.

I finally got to work. The sidewalk was flooded. It took me three trips to get in the door for good.

The takeaway: Monday is Alright with me. I look forward to what the week brings. I am one step closer to greatness.

Three Things to Be Thankful For:

(1) Peaceful family interaction:

I was blessed to spend time with family this weekend. We didn’t fight or bicker. We enjoyed time at the park. People were polite and nice. I minimized my screen time. I felt like it was a relaxing diversion.

(2) Modern highways:

I have been overseas and have seen what passes for a thoroughfare. Too small for too many cars. In my home country; it usually doesn’t take me three hours to go twenty miles. I get a relatively long distance in a short amount of time. Infrastructure is a wonderful thing.

(3) Rejecting bitterness:

I have been able to get on with better things when I rejected bitter things. I decided to grow instead of simmer on sourness. Life is beautiful because I choose for it to be.

Love your Mondays for it should be the “SuperFreak” of your week.

Do. Be. Love one another as you would want to be loved. Blessings.



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Single Mother’s Raising Sons

Rob is on point. I will have to borrow this posting. Please note: I would have to add some mention of Robert Glover’s No More Mr Nice Guy in here somewhere.

Rob Says

woman holding baby while sitting on fur bean bag Ain’t It Cute? Awww…

So the other day at work, I got a helper, we’ll call him “John,” who went out on route with me.

While we were out doing our thing, and kicking ass at it I might add, having an extra set of hands will do wonders for productivity and efficiency, John and I got to bullshitting…

John is 30 years old. He’s on his second marriage, and between him and his wife, they have six children. (Talk about the Brady Bunch.)

Anyways, John’s marriage is decaying. He’s thinking of leaving her.

There’s trust issues on both sides. Apparently he started “dating” a while back when they separated. Then they got back together. Now she’s about to branch swing.

Branch swinging for those that don’t know, is when a woman is finding another man and is getting ready to jump out of her current relationship.

I know she’s…

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Biden’s Bus Throwing

We have seen the videos. It is quite convenient to note the “creepy Uncle Joe” moments. But it is inconvenient to stand up for him or at least note how much of a hypocrite he is.

Very few people on either side of the aisle note that he was a big part of bringing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) around, (Time Magazine posted an article written by Joe Biden himself regarding the 20th anniversary of this supposed landmark act). “Uncle Joe” fought for it’s passing for nearly four years.

It must be noted that his biggest crime is that he “played the punk” for feminists by supporting things like “gendered arrest” standards and taking certain types of accountability away from women. (Domestic violence is domestic violence, unless you are a man getting “fist hailed” by an irate woman).

Joe needs to know that he wore out his usefulness to those feminists. They quit putting up with it when they got what they needed. He should have known this. Especially when he no longer did their bidding, (he outlived his usefulness when he passed the bill). #MeToo shows up to give the victim class the attention that they think they deserve. It is easy to see where this would go. Joe meets bus. Joe fits under the axle quite well.

You only get away with it as long as you are useful. Pres. Bill Clinton did it fairly well but I imagine someone will come out of the woodworks to throw a 40 year old accusation at his direction. Nobody believed Clinton’s previous accusers when the feminists were enamored with his power. The feminists will change their mind when Hilary finally gets out of the political limelight, (no matter how dim it now is).

You can “Believe All Women” when the man is weak enough.

I wanted to close with a note that I was from a time where most older people were this “close” or “personable” with young people. We embraced women that were bright and cheerful. We slapped the backs of younger men. We shook hands and occasionally kissed ladies we were close to.

If we continue on this path to loneliness; no one will have anyone close in their lives. We will be adversaries instead of “family”. People will crave connections and human interaction but will fear repercussions. Is “Uncle Joe” guilty of something? Yes, not being creepy but being in the wrong place at the right time. He wore out his welcome with the victim class and he is having to survive with the rest of the “falsely accused” portion of society.





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Carly Schroeder Could Save Our World?

Before I run off the rails; I want to preface my piece with a polite warning: I love the military. I volunteered four years of my life to it. It helped give many of my brothers a well-rounded start to their lives. It kept many of us out of drugs and prevented many of us from going to jail with a sh*tty crowd.

Now for the inconvenient; I think that Rebel Media and Fox News are wrong for cheerleading Carly Schroeder’s OCS/Army escapade.

Although I think it is noble to want to help trafficking victims and veterans; it doesn’t take joining the military to do that.

In our disjointed country; we have many needs that she could easily fill. (I speak for plenty of veterans that it doesn’t take joining the military to support it).

I have a few suggestions in how you can make that happen:

(1) Use your psychology and research experience in helping vets with PTSD:

Plenty of hospitals and research centers are doing this. They always need help and there are new breakthroughs everyday. Further research using previously overlooked medicines (including psilocybin, cannabinoids , and psychedelics) is ongoing and looking promising.

(2) Support a trafficking victims organization:

Yes; find your local organization or start one. Outside of hiring a private investigator and becoming a vigilante; this is a great idea how you can help. Truckers Against Trafficking and the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (among others) are organizations looking for help.

(3) Fight Back Against Feminist Narratives:

This is a wide encompassing suggestion. We need great examples for our daughters. We have plenty of terrible examples. What we don’t have enough of is loving mothers (I wasn’t kidding about being a loving mom, you are 28 year old woman) and women that support their men. I had plenty of women flake out on me when I was in the service, especially when the “going got tough”. You could show your worth and toughness by “standing by your serviceman”.

The borderline adventurism might make a you a few years older by the time you get through your first set of orders and looking for “Mr. Unicorn”. Its a tough road to hoe. You will be in your thirties looking for someone and looking to start a family. If you stay in the military; it will only get harder.

I am not going to go off the rails but you don’t have to follow in your brother’s and father’s footsteps. I sure as hell didn’t want to see my “sisters”/aunts/female family members go through what many of my fellow servicemen had went through. I would rather be labeled a sexist than see any woman go through what many of the men did.

Don’t let Carly Schroeder be your poster girl when there are plenty of better examples found in the civilian world now. (I know of a few stay at home moms and legal organization volunteers that fit the bill).




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