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New Video: Jack Murphy Learning Opportunity

I took a stormy morning to record a video. I don’t criticize or throw insults, but I use the Jack Murphy blow up to learn about cutting off a crisis before it blows up in your face.

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The US Cannot Bring Peace to Yemen, But It Can End America’s Involvement in Yemen’s War (Reblog)

Having powerful friends doesnt mean that much when everyone things that they are assholes. You are judged by the company that you keep—courtesy of a family member ——————————————————>>>>>>>>>_______________________ Two successive U.S. administrations were complicit in war crimes in Yemen. The … Continue reading

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PC 101: What’s Woke In English Is Sexist in Spanish (Reblog)

Once again, it is folly to let those that can find their own asses in the dark rewrite our language. I loved learning the little bit of Spanish I knew. I do like the gendering of certain words. I also … Continue reading

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