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Is More Government Really The Solution? Parts of Your Life Better Done By You.

I have mentioned my personal disdain many times for government licensed marriage. I think it made a mockery of a private “institution” and I think that it empowers the lazy/stupid. (This covers “shade” thrown at both the conservatives back home … Continue reading

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Joy Killing Libertarians Need To Celebrate Little Victories

I don’t think that this subject specifically applies to libertarians, but I do think it is worth mentioning. I was perusing the news in my state. I read about the difficulties of executions, the tail end of a murderous summer, … Continue reading

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The Curse of The Long Memory and Short Temper

One of the most beautiful things of running into people I knew in the past is that most of them had faint memories of me. They failed to remember poorly placed pranks, bad jokes, and general awkwardness. A few remember … Continue reading

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New Video: Military Toys Don’t Make For Better Cops?

After a hiatus of unplanned length; I make a return to discuss about surplus military equipment and how it might have not been as great for police as we thought it would. (Not mentioned in the video is that it … Continue reading

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New Video: Jack Murphy Learning Opportunity

I took a stormy morning to record a video. I don’t criticize or throw insults, but I use the Jack Murphy blow up to learn about cutting off a crisis before it blows up in your face.

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The US Cannot Bring Peace to Yemen, But It Can End America’s Involvement in Yemen’s War (Reblog)

Having powerful friends doesnt mean that much when everyone things that they are assholes. You are judged by the company that you keep—courtesy of a family member ——————————————————>>>>>>>>>_______________________ Two successive U.S. administrations were complicit in war crimes in Yemen. The … Continue reading

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PC 101: What’s Woke In English Is Sexist in Spanish (Reblog)

Once again, it is folly to let those that can find their own asses in the dark rewrite our language. I loved learning the little bit of Spanish I knew. I do like the gendering of certain words. I also … Continue reading

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