I Learned It Was Okay to Be the Villain


I was riveted by a posting from Rob at Rob Says. I was forced to look back at some of my mistakes when I was growing up in the “white knight” world. Consider a quote from Rob below:

“I’ve said it before in a few different broadcasts on YouTube, I’ve even mentioned it in other posts. I’ve even made it part of my bio on Twitter.

You’re going to be the Villain in somebody’s story. Get used to it.

For most of my life, I’ve tried to avoid this fact. I’ve done things and acted in certain ways all in order to avoid being the villain in somebody’s story. I wanted to be the “good guy.” I wanted to be the “hero.” And even in some cases, I wanted to be the “savior.”

Now for an embarassing story:

I had an unfortunate run in with someone that I had known since I was 8 years old. She was a disease to other people and her people didn’t help either.

I showed a bad face because of my upbringing and the white knight mentality made me a target. It was one thing that she accused me of something that could be loosely described as “sexual assault” when we were in junior high. It is another that she was an emotional basketcase/growing hotbed for modern feminism. I noticed this when I had “understanding” associates continually complain that she caused termoil anytime they interacted with her.

When I stepped back; I learned that she was the catalyst for a lot of pain, especially for people that I were close with.

I am all for forgiving people but only when they change. She didn’t. She got worse. (College and a “soft” husband exacerbated this).

My final nail in the proverbial coffin was her spouting off about abortion. She was irresponsible. She had one. (I used to be a fence sitter on the subject but I took a stand against it). She was a major league c*nt who threw it in people’s faces. She also was indignant when she ran into religious/pro life folks that we went to school with. I smartly no longer have anything to do with people like that.

(I stopped being the bleeding Christian heart and I learned that no one cries with the White Knight in the long run. “Hoes can save themselves”).

But I do owe her one “thank you”; I don’t feel bad about being a villain. I don’t need friends like that. I would rather be an asshole that stands for what they believe in instead of being a pushover.

Rob, thank you for the reminder. I don’t feel bad about being a villain.



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  1. Rob Says says:

    Welcome to being a villain, Matt. Own it. 👊👍😁

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