FreeMatt’s Week in Review

We take the opportunity to look back at this week’s postings. We run the gamut from ineffectual leaders, giving nuanced arguments against abortion, peering in on rednecks in their natural habitats, my favorite word “f*ck”, and to dealing with the pending spectre of death.

Please enjoy the review and have a great weekend.


We looked back at the anniversary of the death of an ineffectual leader. His inactions and soft outlook helped light off war in Europe that costs millions their lives. Much of what he didn’t do should be studied today.


I was loathed to talk about abortion but I see the other side speak of it often. It is a barbaric practice that is nowhere near what modern society should be doing with technology and scientific knowledge. I tell you other reasons in the post.


I enjoyed writing this one. People make excuses for themselves and others. One of my favorite is being a “product of your environment”. I talk about rednecks and other assorted folks. I also give a tale of two wilted flowers in this post.


Contrary to what the weak eared or “intelligentsia” say; the word “f*ck” isn’t a crutch for the stupid or ignorant. It is often an easy response to many questions. It is also an appropriate complaint to the world’s stupidity. I give you a few examples in this week’s post.


As of lately; I have been struck by a few deaths of people I have known in my life. One of them was a loved one. I explain that their deaths isn’t the ultimate bad thing but the roles that the rest of us pick up in society are the biggest stress. Please enjoy a large, wandering look at death.


Dodge the rain when you can. Have sex with purpose and love. Be on top of change.

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Le Grande Morte (or How I Learned to Love Impending Death)

If there was a cosmic type of revenge on assholes; it isn’t their death. Death, at its best, is a reward for those that do not live up to their potential. Or at least I think that a cross section of humanity find a proverbial fire exit when they die. The only people that seemed to be punished by death are the decent. The greatest punishment is seeing people that you have had around you pass away.

It seems to come to me in unpredictable waves. I find someone that I knew from the community or even friend’s family members pass along. It isn’t just one type of person. It is family, friends, and even folks that I mistakenly called inconsequential. Every person had a piece of the pie of life and the small sliver that they had is becoming a distant measurement as time marches on. I know that being immensely upset at their passing is fruitless but it stays with me.

I think that the hardest thing about their deaths is not the loss of the past but that many of the survivors are pushed into positions in life that we often had no intention of filling. A great example is that I never had any expectation that I might have been someone’s mentor but as long as I survive, I am slowly shifting into the role. I am someone’s uncle and neighbor. I know someone’s dad. I easily am the guy that has a list of odd experiences behind me. Years down the road, I easily could be mistaken for that weird “middle aged guy”. I might be the person some middle schooler might interview for a military subject report. It is unfortunate. I had every intention of being a young, stupid slob but I ended up a muscular, jaded college graduate. One of the hardest position that a survivor has is a person that receives the news.

I had a family member get sick and pass away. This man is someone I had only met a few times since he joined our family. I had no opinion about him. He was courteous and he apparently loved his family. The news of his illness was sad. His death came soon after. I heard this news and felt for his family. In baseball terms; they were missing a beloved left fielder. I hated hearing the news, as much as I hated hearing what came afterward.

His family, after his burial, contacted my family with bizarre news. The gentleman had amassed a large collection of shoes. The weirdest part is that he had huge feet. Yes, I found it to be funny enough to laugh about. His feet were the same size as mine. Naturally; I came home to an overfull hamper full of shoes. Boots, driving shoes, muckboots, sneakers, etc. I had felt weird enough that I didn’t have the best words to share and now I was gifted with a deadman’s shoes. I was told that I didn’t have to feel bad. I am thankful to expand my ridiculous shoe collection even further.

I just don’t think that I look forward to hearing from my closest about our family’s loss of life. I know its coming and everyone has to take their turn. I just don’t look forward to it.

I am hoping that my own death is worthwhile. Not a preditcable affair or one of suffering but within a comical purpose, or a heroic one. Like stopping a bank robbery after getting shot in the junk with a shotgun blast. I hope that it is a grand exit and that my family not be burdened with the sad event but laughing as they scatter my ashes where the need be disposed of.


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An Answer For Every Statement or Complaint

During my time in the US Navy; I learned the fine art of throwing around the “F-bomb”. I, much like my fellow solider Lip, used to hand out f*cks like they were going out of style. Yes; cursing like a sailor. I, Matt FreeMatt, want to resurrect a habit from the past. I present to you readers: A healthy dose of the F-bombs.

Headline from the Palmieri Report:

NBC: Trump appointee didn’t respect “pronouns” of Child Porn watcher

My response to NBC: F*ck off.

Jim Goad at Taki Mag reminds me that I “Not Weep for the Lonely Male Feminist”

My response to male feminists: F*ckin’ morons.

Neil Peart died

My response: Our f*ckin’ loss. The Spirit of Radio.

Japan Can’t Screw To Save Their Lives

My response: Some people are too stupid to f*ck. It is supposed to come naturally.


I could keep going. But Im tired. I know tons of intelligent people that use the F-word. It isn’t a crutch for the stupid.

Feel free to normalize this word. F*ck.

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A Product of Your Environment

People love to use a myriad of copouts for being a worthless piece of crap or making bad life decisions. One of these patent pending level bs excuses is “being a product of your environment”.

I don’t know if it is my low acceptance level for bs or I am just not that sensitive. I hear sob stories and they don’t have a lot of effect on me. I have been desensitized over time. Too many sob stories and too little benefit in dealing with these people.

(I make a polite reminder that it isnt just the broke d*ck types, it is fake straights, drunks, morons that cant do simple math, Appalachian-Americans, cousin lovers, and a mix of assorted jack wagons).

I have a friend give me updates about some of them. I know of two wilted flower types that I knew from our travels. One, “Toots” was a college student that was always in a funk and had some story of woe involving her boyfriend. The other, “Blondie”, was a full time waitress running full tilt at the wall of life. I found them to be a comedy minefield. My friend was smitten, always thinking that he could rope one of them into a threesome.

I wasnt surprised to hear that Blondie started playing a punk to some low end jackass. She had that perpetually bored look and her skipping through waitressing jobs was evidence of this. She hit the end of the line big time. She is now a stripper at a low end Birmingham night club. (My buddy noted that she looked like a coke wh*re).

Toots seemed to be doing better. She was still working at the place that we met her. She was doing okay at the local college. My dude at work mentioned that she slipped and fell on a d*ck, then got pregnant. I always see this kind of stuff happen around those parts.

The area always seems to have a large amount of rednecks that never left the 80’s. I find them to be comical, especially when they try to navigate a modern grocery store. The women seem to be happy being nihilists. Or at least happy using their “illogical brain” choosing Camaro Tony.

People blame the closure of a nearby military base and a ton of small business failures for this bad environment. I don’t think that this is true. I just think that people in this area need to run around and kill themselves over meth. The women sense a need for anarchy over normalcy.

It isn’t the environment they are a product of. While Im using cop-outs; it must be something in the water.

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A FreeMatt Against Abortion

I seldom if ever get around to talking about abortion. Much like the death penalty; I don’t like the government being involved in it. But I have many reasons why the people of America should “do” it out of existence.

  • It is a waste of fertility. Fertility is not a constant. You only get a definitive window to try. I know that women might not know that fertility is important. Men are still mammals that have had thousands of years driving them.
  • We could use the extra people. I reject the idea that many sick harpies use that these kids are unwanted and our foster systems are taxed too much already. I am one of the few people that understands what the Spanish flu and Black Plague had done to the population of the world.
  • It shows someone (men, members of a community) that there might be something wrong with you. A woman that doesn’t want to carry offspring to term sounds “off”. I also would ask the question if she would be willing to carry mine. Many men desire to procreate, being descendants of folks that traced their history.
  • It shows that a woman makes bad decisions when it comes to choosing mates and lovers. Impulse control, etc. (I had an ex-gf that had three abortions. I wonder why she repeated the same bad picks and life decisions).

I know that abortion is a sensitive subject. But it puts you in a category of has had one vs hasn’t had one. Many men that I know feel like it is a disqualifier. (Are you worth sharing resources and time with?). I carried the unpopular opinion that I think that if we were vocal with our social belief that this is abhorrent, it would know longer be a popular form of birth control.

It shouldn’t be acceptable. It is a barbaric march backward from our medical learnings, ethics, and jurisprudence. We are a civilized people, why do we practice something like this?

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Rudolf II: Death of an Ineffectual Leader

Over the weekend; I had read about various things about leaders and January 20th  just happened to be the 408th anniversary of Rudolf II’s death.

He wasn’t known to be a great leader. He was more known for his hobbies and diversions.

Rudolf gave in and looked weak at times when it wouldn’t pay do to so. He continued to fight where it exhausted his armies. (It pays to negotiate when you lose long enough. Also, one must know when a fight is worthwhile). His idiocy in his own backyard helped light off the Thirty Years War. (But of course; he checked out before the big parts of the war came around).

I think that Rudolf II should stand as an example. I feel that any leader, even those in modern times, that would rather focus on faddish issues or undertake social crusades are doing their constituents a great disservice.

I am hard pressed to see the benefit of paying someone to do something that we should be doing ourselves. I also would rather our leaders put their energies into the things that have been left undone that is within their scope.

I hope that the electorate can look at terrible leaders and we remember the bad ones too. It can push us to make better decisions when we go to the ballot box.

Rudolf II, make we never have another like you.


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What I’ve Been Reading, Listening to, And Noticing This Week

Reading: I usually don’t make a habit of blowing my own horn but I published an additional article the other day on a brother’s website. I told a story about how I chose keeping my word over convenience. Sellouts are warned.


Additional Reading: I decided to add another article I noticed. RPD talks about brutal ideas that feminists ignore or don’t know about. We might be creatures of advanced knowledge but biology/evolution drive our decisions over time. We don’t stop being “animals” (or at least mammals).


Listen: Allana Pratt was a guest on the Good Dad Project. The episode was titled “Become Irresistible to Your Woman”. I enjoyed their talk about connecting and understanding how your woman “gets hot for you”. I watered it down but it is a deep dive if you choose to listen/learn.


Noticing: The numbers of bars and restaraunts offering UFC (and mma) events. It has dropped dramatically. The one’s that offer the fights started having to ask for cover. I had always been a fan of the UFC but it makes it more difficult to get people together to watch it. (I don’t know that many people that have ESPN+ or DAZN, or even UFC Fight Pass). The UFC (or their parent company, William Morris Endeavor/IMG) has seen a large increase in the amount of money from PPV’s but do they understand that many of their events are not reaching a cross section of their fans that they used to?

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The Weekly FreeMatt in Review

It has been a beautiful week. I had finally got over some crud and rehabbing an injury. I hope that you all weathered the storms of your lives. Sometimes the words flow right out of the trash can.


I was inspired by a question asked by someone that is considered a cult leader by many:

“what would someone who loved themselves do?”


I talked about how crappy you might be and that is a good reason why something didn’t happen in your life:


Reminder to many: The Miracle on the Hudson’s 10th anniversary was this week. I saluted one of the greatest teams of all time.


I challenged people to think beyond a poorly written byline to understand that there is always a logical reason behind weird events and decisions.


I make a fallacy-based argument for bombing our own cultural sites. It was a parody of the common brainless chicken hawk way of thinking. Enjoy at your own risk.


I hope next week carries you in a better direction and not out to sea like a drunk on a float.

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Bombing Your Own Cultural Sites

Thinking beyond the concepts that I had mentioned in my previous piece (Tyler Durden’s Dead Penguins or How I Learned To Love the Burning Amazon) regarding doing away with the polar icecaps and also covered by “Tyler Durden” in Fight Club (smashing the Elgin Marbles, wiping his ass with the Mona Lisa). I felt inspired by the stupidity in the news the other day.

To punish Iran; we had considered several dozen sites for bombing. The original list contained cultural sites. I, among others, found stupidity in this. It serves no true purpose for military reasons to do so. (It is more of a nose thumbing exercise to do so). The equivalent of junior high kids throwing a flaming bag of crap on someone’s doorstep. If we wanted to move beyond stupidity and really show these assholes our mettle; we would bomb our own cultural sites.

It would be a true vision of what we were capable of. We would not be encumbered by the frivolities of our past. We easily could conquer the world when we moved beyond a monumental boundary of prior sentiments. We would not have emotional baggage (or at least it wouldn’t be that stuff). We would have new opportunities.

We could look past the idiocy of Whistler’s dimwitted smirks. We could have an American artist build a replacement in every state of Bartholdi’s oxidizing pagan tribute. Every troglodyte that found no purpose for modern art would have his year of solitude knowing that he would not be puzzled. Advocates for public patronage of the arts could rejoice for there could be an artificial supply gap that various artistes could fill. The possibilities are endless.

The college students, stuck in extended adolescence, could easily be freed up to feed their energies to the war machine. We could then destroy everything. The piss and vinegar that had been wasted in ideological pursuits could be refocused. There would be no wailing and gnashing of teeth. Alex DeLarge would be proud with this magnum opus of violence.

I find myself waking up from such a moronic dream of blood born grandiosity hoping that no one would take my words serious, just as I hope that no one would take seriously the idea that we should be bombing Iran’s cultural sites.

“I wanted to destroy everything beautiful I’d never have”. —Tyler Durden

“I would do the Elgin Marbles with a sledgehammer”—Tyler Durden

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Illogical Events to You Are Rational After All

The vast majority of people that I know think that terrorism lacks logic and reasoning. The well-meaning masses, through a lens of conditioning by American jurisprudence and a form of tribal English common law, see past anything that makes sense. The idea that anything they can do makes sense is not palatable. My purpose in writing this today is to show you the opposite.

There is a different type of rationale in these “illogical events”. I accidentally stumbled onto a good example:

The Bombing of Continental Airlines Flight 11

Thomas Doty was found to be the originator of a bomb that originally killed 43 persons aboard Continental Airlines Flight 11 in 1962. Many would ask how can you justify killing innocent people? A few simple answers are available.

  • He could benefit his family being dead more than alive. He attempted to take out insurance policies to help out his family afterwards right before he boarded.
  • He understood what a long sentence in prison could equate to. He was previously arrested for attempted robbery.
  • He had a failed business coupled with familial obligations. Many men in his shoes have tried or understood the appeal of such an extreme action.

Even though I only gave you one example, there are plenty others. Suicide bombers (religious based or not). Marvin Heemeyer (Bulldozer rampage in Granby Colorado). There is always an underlying condition or reason. If you dig into it; you will find something. Feelings may exacerbate things but there is some type of event (or conditions) that are at its heart.

Please take a short few minutes to stop a think before you run with a news headline.

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