Freedom to Disassociate Drives Many to Greener Fields

A short posting today. I would rather not waste your time with stupid pictures of Pharrell wearing “costumish” clothing or moronic discussions about manspreading.

Loosely quoting Alex Williams November 2, 2019 piece As Men Are Cancelled, So Too Their Magazine Subscriptions, many men have not only chosen to not “Shut Up and Listen”, we chose to not hear many at all. We chose to associate with people that we value and those that value us. It makes no sense to stick around.

Williams stated: “Imagine if men’s magazines stared down the post-#MeToo manpocalypse by disowning men”. I feel like screaming this out loud along with “how stupid do you think people are?”. The vast majority of men who buy a magazine choose to for either entertainment value or for some informational purpose. Why would someone read anything that would insult them or denigrate them? I, among many men, choose not to align ourselves with people that have ill will towards us.

I tell men, of the non-weirdo types, to find other literary green fields. To find works that don’t denigrate masculinity. For we can choose to read stuff with healthy advice not written by folks that don’t have a clue what our type of man looks for. We should vote with our dollars and starve the poisonous agents that thrive from our demise.

We shouldn’t support lifestyles that are completely foreign to us. We shouldn’t allow feminist editors to browbeat us, (they don’t want us to browbeat them either). Our kind can easily get back into publishing and strive to bring back “readable” work.  The backbone of society has already watched great publications go to “proverbial shit”, (just ask anyone that tried reading GQ, Playboy, or many other magazines actively being run into the ground).

Our side could easily make it local and regional. We could incite the silent to grow a voice. (Many of us currently do). The publications can rise and fall but the just will stand strong. I choose to diassociate with those that destroy us. I also choose to associate with those that further our goals. (Strike against the publications that overtly and covertly advocate for our downfall).

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Special Thanks on Veteran’s Day

In the US; I usually am the first one to celebrate the people I served with and other people that served our country with honor. (I celebrate many of our allies too).

I decided to change my article for this year. I wanted to salute a group of people that light a fire under my tail. Its not veterans…its grandstanding cousin lovers and white trash!!!

The same people that let their trash kids steal backhoe parts and cook meth. The people that complain about immigrants destroying the fabric of society but continue to live in filth. Dont get me started on meth labs. I had enough of these slackjaws at the pharmacy.

I wanted to salute the idiot I worked with that wanted to shoot “ni**ers” and “sp*cs” but refused to push people in his own community to get rid of our own crap. He never encouraged his own son to get into community service, justice, or any other concerns he crows about.

(Please note: I wouldn’t have traded my Hispanic shipmates like Cornfield Surfer, “Whex”, and El Macho for 300 of North Alabama’s shittiest). (I also was proud to serve with black gentleman like D.D. Brown, Whoady, and Candyman. I am indebted to them).

I wanted to salute the moron dads who were more than willing to watch someone else’s sons join the Marines but have their own son’s “drinking Bud Light on the backroad”. (I occasionally think that many of these jackwagons found an easy way to skirt out of ‘Nam but are the first ones to start singing Lee Greenwood when real veterans step up). But the cousin lovin’ cretins bitch that their sons don’t have jobs, even making it on the news standing outside of a closed GM plant crying.

I wanted to salute the low end of Appalachian-Americans who grace my local newspaper. I would have rather seen these aholes fighting in Fallujah instead of some of the best men I have ever met. I never wanted to see the men of steel lose their lives when disposable pieces of sh*t inhabit our counties’ jails.

I owe a debt of gratitude to those that wallow in ignorance. The people that turn their noses up at the most basic of job training. The stellar people that often tell me “my grandpappy dint have no booklearnin”. They can stay in the pile of crap. They can keep their low end ways. The “knuckledraggers in the holler” turn their noses up at trade school like someone is trying to indoctrinate them into some weird med school experiment. Without them not applying to these jobs; competition would be different.

In general; my life would be different without these folks. I chose to be better and step up. I chose to learn. I chose to marry outside of my family. I chose to not ruin my neighborhood with meth.

Thank you; assclowns. Keep up the sh*itty work!!!

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Somewhat Reblogged from TW Beckett

I feel compelled to “repost” an article from someone I find willing to share wisdom: TW Beckett. I haven’t gone through what he has and I hope to not do so. But I can learn from him and so can you. Its time to learn and not make the same mistakes over and over…


As I was growing up and getting into the dating pool, two sentences resonated with me that I was constantly told by family, friends, and other acquaintances.

“Don’t be picky. You’ll die alone if you are.”

I was equipped with these sentences for the entirety of my early dating career in my 20’s. I lowered my standards and really tried to get out and date people because I was told this was the case. Despite their flaws, I tried to see through them. I usurped my personal preferences for believing I would be sexually attracted to people regardless of their physical appearance. Needless to say, I was disappointed early and often.

So, I went out and tried to date different women (and failed), culminating in a marriage to a flawed, but beautiful human being who I truly loved. She was awesome and I thought she was the one for me. I was wrong. And I found out the hard way that my lack of good vetting and dating turned this into a dead end marriage, which ended after a decade.

So what happened? Well, as I’ve said countless times on this blog, I didn’t do what I needed to do to truly find the person for me. I would marry the first woman who could stand to be in a room with me for a few minutes straight and that would be it. Sex would be great, until it wasn’t, but that’s okay because she said yes. I was desperate and desperation never leads to anything good.

But the attitude that led up to my divorce was what truly changed in me. It was time for me to accept the fact that it was my way or the highway.

What’s Important

The one thing that really started my turn around was realizing the fact that this was my life and I was going to live it my way. Regardless of what other people said, I had to break free of what others were projecting on me about what THEY thought was best for me. I needed to have standards for who was going to be in my life. So, as I was mired in my divorce, I started to check people off of my list from those who supported me to those who didn’t. I was so afraid to lose people that I would keep people I knew weren’t good for me in my life. So, I had to let those folks go.

I wasn’t going to live by their standards. I had my own standards to develop and grow. And as I developed these standards for friends, family and potential love interests, I knew what to look for.

I was told countless times that my standards were too high and that I was never going to get a girlfriend if I kept such high standards. “No woman can reach those standards. You can’t have the perfect woman. Women have imperfections just like everyone else.”

I agree. But I also believe in my own self worth and my value on the sexual market place has skyrocketed since I became a better version of myself.

And I don’t care if I die alone. Loved ones want to put the fear of God in you by telling you that you’ll die alone and it’s a huge fear for many men who are my age. So they jump on the first thing that makes them feel like they won’t die alone, and make a huge mistake in the process, costing them countless years and dollars to get out of yet another marriage they didn’t think through.

What’s scarier? Dying alone or living in poverty paying multiple women alimony and child support because you didn’t do your homework on what you wanted?

First step first. You need to have standards. First? Standards for yourself. Self confidence and self love are imperative to you growing and developing standards for your life.

So if you’re going to date, you better damn well love yourself and have your stuff locked in before you go imposing standards on who you’re dating.

This is a step that cannot be skipped and has to be done in order to move forward in your dating life. And no matter how long it takes, DON’T compromise your standards for any woman, regardless of how attractive she is. Many men will drop their list in 5 seconds when a hot girl starts to show interest. These are iron clad standards, convictions and missions that you must stick by, regardless of any woman and her attempts to subvert them.

That’s the main difference between the me now and the me then.

I now have a choice to let women go when I see fit if they don’t play by my rules (or my frame). And that means that they have to work to get my attention.

As Rollo Tomassi says, “you are the prize”. This is primary in your thinking on your standards.

Many men don’t think this way in this day and age but it’s time they did again.

The Dating Scene and Your Worth

One thing you will start to see as you assert your new found worth is that the dating scene will be a fun game for you. You will be able to firmly stand by your standards and vet women with more accuracy.

When you aren’t under any pressure internally from “dying alone” or settling for something you want, you have all the power in the world.

You can make decisions without the clouded judgement of others watching you or your own thirst for women making a decision you will most certainly regret.

When you control yourself, you control your world. And that’s an amazing thing.

So you’re out there and like me, you aren’t getting hits or you aren’t getting any dates. You increase your pool you pull from.

You meet and date as many women as you can and apply your standards to the best and brightest.

You are your own episode of the Bachelor, dumping and promoting women as you see fit. But you have to get out and get them, and you have to maintain your high quality or you can’t move on.

But, like me, you’ll have times when it’s dry. So you either make things happen, or you push and develop your own interests into something tangible and real that enhances your persona.

Take up dance, boxing, hell, even knitting. SOMETHING to make you more interesting and something to make your life worth living. Something you enjoy. Don’t do it just for the girls, do it because you want to.

Here’s the deal. Before, I was just a dude with a job. Now?

I’m a writer. I own my own business. I enjoy off course racing and obstacle courses. I enjoy being a good father. I work out. I hike. I love the outdoors. I’m a dog lover. I’m a podcaster. I have my own recording studio. I’m learning how to box.

See what I mean? See how interesting your life is without having to make it about a woman? It’s really that easy.

But you have to own it. Everything you say, you do. Don’t try to pretend and make your life something it isn’t. It’s yours and yours alone, but it has to be real. You can’t fake it. You have to live it.

So there you are. It’s okay to have standards. It’s okay to live your life your way.

It’s okay if you have standards. You have to. If you don’t, you get into big trouble.

Hold yourself high, make yourself a better person, and make people rise to you.

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Broken Priorities in the Workplace

Occasionally; I get emails from “career” companies or organizations that cover workplace issues. They send very few articles that are realistic and the vast majority of the subject matter just makes the people that read it delusional on an increasing scale.

The dumbest shit I read is how these morons weigh how great a workplace is because of things like being “a dog friendly workplace”. Ive worked at places that were occasionally visited by stray animals and elk. Feral cats made it hard to work around tanks. But these people crow about dog friendly workplaces. (I also wanted to avoid lip wristed hipsters and snitch-ass punks. Not much of those in a chemical plant).

Furniture made from recycled materials was another supposed great reason to work somewhere in Los Angeles. I would rather get paid well and not have to sit in traffic for three hours. I had a seat that came from a decommissioned military base that had rusty springs in the seat. When it got cold enough; I could sit on a radiator to keep warm but had to put some leather gloves down so I would burn my nuts. I also had forests and rivers around but these chaunceys crow about “outdoor work/relax spaces”. Nothing like manufactured feelings for fake ass people.

Fresh fruit in the break room! We had a place where we ate lunch but we ate, then worked. Work orders were productivity. We traveled miles a day, we didnt have time to sit around with smiles. We occasionally could park in “the trees” to relax when it 100 degrees. Fresh fruit was an afterthought. The only time we got anything near air conditioning was main offices, only then I was usually in the basement and/or underground city. To hear soft people talk about their chintzy buildings harkens back to the reasons why they don’t get paid like tradesfolk or techs.

Diversity as a selling point. Diversity is people working. Yes; I made it easier for you. The only type of segregation that happens at a decent workplace is the non-working vs working folks. It doesnt matter what kind of “giggly bits” or whatever “googles your yahoo”. If you do the work and show up; it doesnt matter. If you are an ass; no one wants to work with you, then you aren’t a good fit. There’s your diversity!!!

Employee stock options. Yes, I went there. I ,at one time , went into this but I don’t anymore. I have good reasons why. Some of these companies are sh*t. The stock is a feel good measure. You sit around hoping that the company, who might be hemoraging money,  could be bought up by someone that could actually run a company instead of trying to make people think that they are “woke”. Worthless stock in a worthless company is worthless. Ten years down the road, you are going to be sitting somewhere spinning the nostalgia web but remembering that those three startups weren’t worth anything.

Heck; I could fly off the handle for another ten thousand words but Im not going to. This kind of crap won’t make work any better. You are secretly going to dream about hobbies, sex partners, or that place you used to play pool at. Its work, not fun. Don’t piddle around with this crap and make people think work has changed. Get on with your life and pull your head out of your rear end.



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Lessons from An “Austistic” Basketcase Manboy

I don’t take matters of the heart lightly. I hurt when a friend (or acquaintance) break down bonds of the romantic world. I like for people to be happy and loving. I love to see people embrace and share a warm moment. I like to hear that people are having meaningful sex and enjoying each others company.

But I don’t like when a friend makes the same mistakes over and over. I don’t like when they sit there with a blank puzzled look on their face. Wasting other people’s time sucks too.

I won’t weave the story supporting these issues but its starts with a situational un-aware guy that had a stupid upbringing. No one taught him anything when it came to dealing with other people, especially women. He grew up to be a thirty something borderline autistic manboy. He has no clue about other people’s needs, wants.

(1) He had no clue that a woman in her thirties might want to get on with her life. Specifically a Catholic woman who had blatantly talked about having kids and getting married. He sat there with a blank look on his face when he recollected this.

(2) She flew over from Europe to spend time with him. He didn’t  enact any preparations for her arrival. Didn’t clean the house, find out dietary issues, plan something for entertainment, etc. (He might have bought her flowers but I wouldnt hold my breath).

(3) He didn’t research cultural issues or anything else for that matter. He didn’t speak with her to find out if rural living was something she would entertain. (She looked relatively cosmopolitan and trendy). He didn’t do the bare homework to find out if he was wasting “their” time.

(4) He didn’t respect her time. She paid to fly over to see him. It wasn’t cheap. She took a lot of risk. He easily could have stopped her from flying to see him. (He is notorious for just sitting there with a dumbfounded look on his face). She ended up paying to fly back too. Although he didn’t make her travel over here; he didn’t offer to pay for her return flight. (Most guys would send you off with a “parting gift” in the event that you did that level of leg work, not out of obligation).

(5) He didn’t seek counsel or wise counsel. I go to others for advice when I am puzzled. I’ve asked a multi-time divorced man, who had been shot by wife #2, for advice. Ive also asked a man who stayed married to one woman for a long stretch for advice. If I don’t know; I ask. I learned this a long time ago. He did a poor job of winging things. He doesn’t know shit and he handled things poorly. He obviously didn’t know what he was doing wrong.

I could go on and on. We are easily the conductors of our own trainwrecks. It takes getting help and counsel to shore up our weak ends. It takes wisdom to help the ignorant. It just sucks that we have to learn from the “autistic” man boy.

(That and watching a decent pair in a red dress walk out the door).underwater-photo-of-a-woman-1559285

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Screw What the Media Tells You pt 50.

I wanted to take a short time out from my work to tell you something that yoiu should already know: The media is feeding you a load of crap.

Popular Science Claims Eating Meat Is White Male Privilege

Not only is Popular Science wrong; eating meat is a sign that you take care of yourself and you understand your bodies needs.

I believe that meat is not only something that your bodies use but a part of our life’s cycle. I have dealt with animals firsthand. I castrated pigs, helped band goats, and culled chickens. I am thankful to our creator for these animals. I value their lives and their sacrifices. Their flesh provided for my families needs. Their loss was not in vain. I prayed in thanks and I thanked them also.

The rules that the leftist/globalists make up don’t apply to others. Just the people they target. They only target the weak that would actually believe this emotionally based garbage.

Use your own mind. Eat what is healthy and not what the government (or power elite) tell you. Follow your health. Use your brain. “Ball up”.

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If You’re Complaining About How Little Housework Your Husband Does, You’re Doing Marriage Wrong

via If You’re Complaining About How Little Housework Your Husband Does, You’re Doing Marriage Wrong

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Yanking A Crank: Laughs Galore

It was a bright sunny day. It warmed up enough to not make me cold through out the day. My schedule is chaotic at best. I found myself not getting a “whole lot of anywhere”. I stopped by the same few locations I have passed by hundreds of times. Things are slow. No one can tell me what is going on.

I walked by a few old folks having the time of their lives. Oxygen tanks and loud noises. Roughlooking truck drivers. Dyed hair and offbrand labels. Frustrated workers.

Although I didnt get that far down the road; I heard jokes galore. I heard a guy mention that he wanted to get tazed by a cute faced chick. We gave people two names like Jeff/Pete. There was always a 90’s esque “fruity” joke. Traded a story or two about folks overseas that had run ins with wild eyed rednecks. A few tasteless jokes that would have passed the muster before the world fell apart with this political correctness bs.

I had faith that the rest of my trip would be saved by humor. Now, we might need to find a hot woman with a tazer.

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How the Pill Changes the Brain and Emotions

***Re-blog from Jack at Sigma Frame. This was an interesting piece regarding “the pill” and much of the science behind it. A good read.***

Σ Frame

This post reviews some scientific literature on hormonal contraceptives to identify exactly what changes in the brain and the emotional constitution of a woman on the Pill.

Readership: All; Parents of adolescent daughters; Women who use birth control pills; Men with partners who use birth control pills; Men interested in vetting a woman for a relationship;

A previous post on Σ Frame, How the Pill Kills (15 October 2019), covered how Oral Contraceptive (OC) medication (AKA birth control pills) causes medical complications and death in young women.  But the effects of the Pill don’t stop there.

Hormones are able to work at very small doses (parts per billion ranges).  Therefore, endocrine disruption can occur from low-doses of exogenous hormone exposure or from hormonally active substances that interfere with receptors for other hormonally assisted processes.  As these hormones disrupt the chemical balance in the normal endocrine cycles of the body, the…

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Demonstrating Higher Value

***Re blog from Red Pill Aware. Easy: by a person of value. Enjoy this article.***

Rob Says

man wearing blue suit

I’ve seen a lot of guys talking over the years about demonstrating higher value, or DHV. Now, here’s the thing, I’ve seen a lot of guys talking about it, what it is, what it means, all sorts of definitions and whatnot.

What I haven’t seen though is a lot of guys actually demonstrating higher value. DHV is the acronym for it, of course. Lots of guys have come to a consensus as to what higher is, and what value is. They are missing the most important part of it though. Demonstrating.

Demonstrating is actually doing. It’s not thinking about it, it’s not talking about it. It’s actually taking some form of action, and doing it. Lots of guys are missing this important distinction. You have to actually demonstrate. You have to actually do.

You walk into a room and you feel like “the man.” Yet, you don’t do anything. You…

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