Red Flag Gun Laws- the obvious problems politicians want to ignore

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I don’t feel like putting something together for the weekend. Check out this piece by Rob Morse from Slow Facts.


Politicians told us to put up plastic signs that said “no guns allowed”. The results were horrible. Instead of making us safer as they promised, these “gun-free” zones left crowds of unarmed people at the mercy of mass murderers. Gun-control politicians aren’t criticized when their policies fail. Rather than fix their mistakes, they invent a new gun-control law. Criminals don’t follow gun laws, so these new laws are no more effective than the last ones. We’re rightfully disturbed when innocent people are slaughtered. Rather than fix their mistakes, Democrat politicians offered up human sacrifices so we’ll feel safer.

An honest psychiatrist will tell you how difficult it is for him to predict if one of his patients will act violently. It is harder still to predict when an individual will become violent. A history of violence and threats of violence are the best predictor we have of future violence. Anything…

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Wish You Were Here or Beer: It Doesnt Matter

I occasionally make it out to one of my favorite beer stores: Wish You Were Beer. They were always a nice place to drop by. We often chatted about new beers and life.

A friend of mine mentioned to me something that he had read on Facebook. Wish You Were Beer was closing. It didn’t hit me immediately but days later it became an ironic piece of my psyche.

Pink Floyd was a band that I grew up listening to on the radio. I often was grounded and I would sit in my room with nothing to do, outside of homework. I fondly remember hearing “Wish You Were Here”. The words meant something. But they definitely mean something today.

It was one thing that I grew apart from where I grew up and that the military beat some of the “original” me into oblivion. But it was another thing that some of the things that I was growing accustomed to as an adult are starting to whither. The small things like a beer store called “Wish You Were Beer”. The ironic mudflaps of a renegade navy officer.

My injuries aside, the concept of death is creeping up on me everyday. Not just the cessation of human life function but of things that are organized. I see rocks smoothed over. I see stores closed. I see arrangements of people change. It is a burden of sorts.

Perhaps the death of what we once have known is what we are supposed to see. I don’t know the methods of “what brings tomorrow”. It is my burden to live as long as proper. And I hope that my ending is a mere road bump for someone else’s life.

I do wish you were here, my friend. I have every reason we may get our re-start. The simpler days before we were beaten. Back when our beer was tasty and we never stopped laughing. Back when sex was the thrill and we never stopped loving. I wish I was there too.


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I Learned It Was Okay to Be the Villain


I was riveted by a posting from Rob at Rob Says. I was forced to look back at some of my mistakes when I was growing up in the “white knight” world. Consider a quote from Rob below:

“I’ve said it before in a few different broadcasts on YouTube, I’ve even mentioned it in other posts. I’ve even made it part of my bio on Twitter.

You’re going to be the Villain in somebody’s story. Get used to it.

For most of my life, I’ve tried to avoid this fact. I’ve done things and acted in certain ways all in order to avoid being the villain in somebody’s story. I wanted to be the “good guy.” I wanted to be the “hero.” And even in some cases, I wanted to be the “savior.”

Now for an embarassing story:

I had an unfortunate run in with someone that I had known since I was 8 years old. She was a disease to other people and her people didn’t help either.

I showed a bad face because of my upbringing and the white knight mentality made me a target. It was one thing that she accused me of something that could be loosely described as “sexual assault” when we were in junior high. It is another that she was an emotional basketcase/growing hotbed for modern feminism. I noticed this when I had “understanding” associates continually complain that she caused termoil anytime they interacted with her.

When I stepped back; I learned that she was the catalyst for a lot of pain, especially for people that I were close with.

I am all for forgiving people but only when they change. She didn’t. She got worse. (College and a “soft” husband exacerbated this).

My final nail in the proverbial coffin was her spouting off about abortion. She was irresponsible. She had one. (I used to be a fence sitter on the subject but I took a stand against it). She was a major league c*nt who threw it in people’s faces. She also was indignant when she ran into religious/pro life folks that we went to school with. I smartly no longer have anything to do with people like that.

(I stopped being the bleeding Christian heart and I learned that no one cries with the White Knight in the long run. “Hoes can save themselves”).

But I do owe her one “thank you”; I don’t feel bad about being a villain. I don’t need friends like that. I would rather be an asshole that stands for what they believe in instead of being a pushover.

Rob, thank you for the reminder. I don’t feel bad about being a villain.

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Red Flag Laws (again)

The Lexet Blog

There has been a lot of fuss since last week’s red flag debacle. Dan Crenshaw, an alleged Republican from Texas (and former Pirates of the Caribbean cast-member) even went on Facebook to cry about the backlash against him (he supports red flag laws).

Dan Crenshaw, 2019 colorized

He says the laws will provide due process, that red flag laws provide due process, along with many other nonsensical things. He doubled down on his support of the TAPS Act, ironically named as its passage would confirm the death of the second amendment (it’s also a massive spending bill).

Crenshaw is a liar without a shred of integrity. I am sure people will say he is a great American, because he served in the seals. A small, tight knit organization that has dealt with numerous murder charges (of prisoners and other American service members), drug charges, having…

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Another Video: Brazilian David Hogg????

I made this video, not knowing that I didnt erase the other. This was a more serious look at video games taking the blame and gun violence.

I make a decent attempt at giving you building block solutions to our ongoing gun violence problems, (note it starts with our mindset and our minds).

I secretly hope that there is a soy creature in Brazil that mirrors my country’s David Hogg.

Try to enjoy it and feel free to review the article in question. below the video.


Vox Misses the Mark on Video Games and Gun Deaths

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Lispy Gamers Don’t Cause Mass Shootings

I made another video. Gen Flynn joins us to speak about video games and gun violence. We joke about Slapshot and the fine art of xxx activties. It went down hill fast.


Vox Misses the Mark on Video Games and Gun Deaths

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Finding Your Purpose – A Very Special Beckett Drives — A Father’s Journey

A story about how I found my purpose, convictions, and beliefs. My journey is to help you find yours.

via Finding Your Purpose – A Very Special Beckett Drives — A Father’s Journey

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Lessons from “Bros vs Hoes”

I have that one “friend” (call him Buck). I don’t see much of him these days. But we used to hang out and drink like the best back in the day.

We could enjoy beer, wreck a bowling alley, and walk away unscathed. We still laugh about these “old days” but the good times seem to wither away.

I found myself in a strange perdicament more than twenty years ago. I met a decent looking chick with a pretty smile (and social skills) when we (Buck, myself, and another trusted friend) were in the infancy of a short run bender. The other trusted friend kept his distance while I attempted to work my magic. Buck has shitty situational awareness and walks right up to our conversation. Then he borderline yells “Is everything okay here?”, like he was a yardsale security guard. Buck doesnt understand or have a vision of what it takes to talk to a woman. She turns pink in the cheeks and asks me if he was my friend.

What would you say? Would you sell out your friend for pussy? Would you give up on life?

I told her that he was a good friend of mine. I introduced them. (He didnt walk away but he stumbled through a conversation with a stranger). I hung it up before I could ask for a number.

Buck gave me a damn good lesson though. You should pick your bros carefully. (after all, you are judged by the company you keep).

If they are the shiftless type of guy that can’t balance a checkbook and have no social grace; I would slowly exclude them from situations where social grace is required. I wouldn’t tell Buck that I had a charity event to attend. I also wouldn’t expect him to know what to do during a young professionals event.

There is a limit to “bros before hoes”. Your “bro” needs to be a compliment to you instead of a detriment.

Don’t keep Buck around.

(post note: I seldom see him anymore. He got out of jail. His girfriend married another guy and that guy is raising his kid. Buck lives with his mother and has done his best to game the welfare/disability system. I’m not this way in my life. I don’t want Buck in my life and I don’t want the crappy influence).

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Epstein Goes Vince Foster

Call Me Stormy

Pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein supposedly killed himself early Saturday morning, found dead in his cell at the Manhattan Correctional Center around 6:30 am. The so-called suicide follows, by one day, the release of several names of big-time politicians and industrialists implicated in sex crimes facilitated by Epstein. Named in newly released court documents were former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson and former US Sen. George Mitchell, D-Maine, who served as Senate Majority Leader from 1989 to 1995.

Hardly shocking that Epstein would be offed, or die by suicide. Our political system is seemingly corrupt to the core. And our mass media is just as inept and biased. How many of these political “leaders” joined Epstein in raping children? Did they go solo or have nice big orgy parties where all the kids would scream while they were being pillaged — those who resisted torn apart and killed?

There’s no way…

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Military libertarians and Tony Robbins

I found myself feeling confused about my surroundings the other day. I was in a local open air shopping area. People milling about. Air smelled like water treatment chemicals.

For once; not too many rednecks or as I call them; Appalachian-Americans. Most clean cut people. Handful of screaming seams girls with unapologetic rear ends. Some idiots marching toward oblivion texting while they walk.

I see a rough looking guy in his twenties with a camera. I don’t think much of this guy. He looked like he might have been working on a school project. This gentleman approaches me and asks “Can I take a picture of you?’ I figured this had something to do with my horseshoe mustache.

I said no problem. I also asked him “do you know of Tony Robbins?” He murmurs. Didnt look like he was paying attention. (I noticed a Bluetooth device in his ear). “Baseball bat. Beating”. He says. I ask “you beat Tony Robbins with a baseball bat?”. He said sure.

I didnt know if he was talking to someone else. I parted ways with this guy shortly after. I found myself thinking about being a libertarian in the military. I got over it quick but I feel myself thinking that a lot of this was some stupid dream. Not the big asses in tight shorts but the fucked up conversations that never happen.


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