“Don’t do it; Richard!!!”

Over 18 years ago, I fondly remember my foray into electronics school somewhat. I was a master of my own disaster but I had a few good times. I also had met a few people that weren’t complete chickensh*ts.

Richard, was a dang cool dude. He had a great sense of humor and he was encouraging you to laugh when you should have been crying. He always had these silly sayings. (He would usually tell you these sayings when you were helping him haul stuff from the liquor store).

His biggest funny sayings were: “Don’t do it, Richard!” and “Come on, Dick!”.

He knew of his capabilities and he ended up doing well despite becoming a punchline of sorts. The funny thing is that I was the one that got kicked out of our class and booted from school. The silver lining was that I ended up getting promoted quicker and got discharged quicker also.

The takeaway: Sometimes, it is okay to be a Dick. Thank you; Richard!!!!

Three things to be thankful for:

(1) Richards in our life:

He wasn’t a clown but he had a cheerful outlook when things were dark. He kept faith in the face of adverse conditions and “ugly” people. I miss this guy but his life was going along well after I left. Although they are ephemeral, love the “Richards” in your life.

(2) Those that don’t:

I like the fact that there are people that refuse to do anything because of (…). It gives opportunity to those that do. You can find your opportunity to do all sorts of things when you hear people that don’t or won’t.

(3) Opportunity:

On the same nerve of those that don’t, I like the opportunity to jump/do. I have seen great things when I just did/tried. I have lost but I have also won more when I “gambled” more. I encourage you to gamble and ask for more.

Give value. Be confident. Ask for value.

Do. Be. Love one another as you would want to be loved. Blessings.

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The issue with Servicepeople and the Punisher

The Green Rover

DISCLAIMER: This article contains spoilers for Season two of Netflix's 
Daredevil and both seasons of the Punisher. Read on at you own discretion.

Earlier this month, the UK’s SAS forces banned members from wearing the Punisher logo on their uniforms. These soldiers get the logo to mark their first kill. The reason given is that officials thought that the symbol looked too similar to the Death’s Head (Totenkopf) emblem worn by Hitler’s SS. Which, of course, is problematic.

There’s been a lot of push-back about this, with Army officials calling it “PC madness” and whatnot. I for one don’t see how a badge is going  to make a guy who’s paid to kill people for a living any more threatening or problematic. At the end of the day it’s just a symbol, worn by a fictional character.

But what I do take issue with is the glorification of the…

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Mike Kane and Rob Want You to be Well

I encourage you to live a happy and productive life. When you are feeling your worst; remember others have been there. Please hear Rob’s story and be well. Things shall pass. Live greatness. Bless you those that have been hurting.


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“Learning About Stories”

I was stewing on a video I had watched about a guy name Schaeffer Cox. The video purported that he, among many other prisoners, have been held in a communication management unit of the “prison system”.

The few tidbits I have ever been able to dig up was that Cox was an attempted murderer, militia member hell-bent on overthrow, and a known mentally ill criminal.

But I use the opportunity to tell you that many people around him have mentioned that he had knowledge of pedophilia rings/drug activities linked to influential people. It was reported that much of the evidence that is being used against him doesn’t exist.

I wanted to use this short tidbit to remind you that you are often a few steps away from losing freedom. Pick and choose your battles wisely. Join a crusade when you are willing to die for what you believe in.

Three things to be thankful for:

(1) “Susie”:

She was a mother of a friend of mine. She lost her life a few days ago. She let me crash on the couch when I was going through the drunk phase. I was thankful to know her.

(2) Shlubs:

The people that choose not to compete. I do like competition but it is easier with less people in the field. Non competitors help because the bar is low.

(3) Moving On:

I saw a former coworker the other day. New company is driving people nuts and pushing closer towards a safety incident. Pushing people to not try anymore and stop being involved. I am starting to think that it was a good thing that I moved on.

The weather is fair. Get some exercise. Meet new people.

Do. Be. Love one another as you would want to be loved. Blessings.

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Painful Beliefs: Pornography

I had once been someone that accepted pornography as a normal thing. I made excuses why that it was a “Ok”. It became cheaper and easier when the digital age came around.

The only arguments that I had ever heard were from the “Churchian” people. This was a collective belief that was held over from feminists. (Real women don’t look like that. That makes women look bad, that’s sexist, etc).

I am telling you men to steer clear of porn. Not due to a religious conviction. Not due to what feminists told you.

I have a beef with the neurological effects. Your nerves are getting burned out. It leaves you sluggish. It can leave you numb and among the walking brain dead.

It forces you to stay plugged in. One of the worst things is that the free porn you watch isn’t free. The data that you generate is bundled and sold by various companies. (I believe that Mindgeek and their affiliated companies are the biggest examples I could find. They are “tied in” to nearly the top 120 or so porn websites).

You are the pig at the trough. They feed you and you give them data (or you pay their advertisers through commerce).

Although I am not one for conspiracies or excessive hyperbole; I wanted to thank Owen Benjamin for a heads up for a weird idea. Porn is a way that power elites to keep you from fighting on. Just like in ancient Rome and their spectacles, etc.

Please review (roughly) the 15-19 minute mark of Owen Benjamin’s The Hidden Purpose of Pornography.



This isn’t simple entertainment. Porn is to stop you from being men and to turn you into a commodity. Quit today and be a man again. Fight battles, have great real sex with women, get your brain back , and start owning “you” again.


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Sweet Burn: Gym Time

Hey lummoxes: Hit the gym already. The New Years resolution folks gave up already. The gym isnt that busy.

Temperature is getting better. If you can’t lift due to your gimpy finger, getting a sweat going out running isn’t bad. Just throw your fat feet one in front of the other. Repeat multiple times for maximum effect.

Do something. Drop the controller and do something. Endorphins through a natural process. Don’t be an ass, be an animal. Be the number one gorilla and throw down.

Three things to be thankful for:

(1) Solace in sweeping:

Few folks around. I got my work done relatively quickly. I swept the highbay floor and enjoyed the solitude.

(2) People I worked with “didn’t start no static”:

Everyone seemed to be in a decent mood. No mouth. Decent weekend had by all. Helpful people getting through the Monday.

(3) Offkey humor pt. 35:

Lori Loughlin gets in trouble for bribery scandal. I crack “jailhouse milf” jokes. I miss the 90’s. (Dont search for that, you idiot).

Go get laid. Hang out with folks in real life. Go to the park. Be a human.


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Failing at Living: Christchurch Lessons

Bullsh*t aside. You need to learn how to win at the short game and long game if you are at a battle of generational expanse. I want to tell you that this mass shooting crap doesn’t do anything.

The media is automatically against you. You aren’t famous. You are an a$$hole. The elements of our culture that suck will use your name against the “not guilty”.

A supremacist who goes off the rails fails at everything. Attention isn’t everything. Your “side” won’t win and you are giving the “people” in your movement a setback.

Start with living a healthy life. Make a good example on those around you. Clean house before you clean your neighbors house.

Upset about (x) group? Stop giving money, time, and your data to the elements of your world that are killing the lifeblood of your community.

Get out of the basement and off the couch. Get away from porn and the dopamine machine.

Have a culture and a community again. Have standards. Have a livelihood. Have a life and a brain.

In your tribe and community of people with like minded standards; have more children than people with a pre-historic mindset or those that live in a modernesque nihilist existence. Own more businesses. Develop a code where you support those that support you. Support those that work and understand that they must feed themselves.

Ask more out of your fellow man. Tell him to get his ass off the street. Tell him that real men understand what a belt is. Don’t let a thirty year old man ask you for money, his ass should be building things or driving a truck.

It doesn’t take religion. Our tribe’s religion failed men. It makes excuses. Our tribe needs a code.

Your “manifesto” to win is to do better and foster “better” in your tribe of likeminded men. You don’t need to run around and kill people. Just quit killing babies and start earning a living. Do more and create more. Reallocate energy.

Iconoclast? To be an ass these days is easy. Quit drinking the modern media kool aid and be different. Don’t be a pushover and a “pooswah”.

Your welcome. Get on with your life. Quit crying. Rant over.

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Best Person for the Job????

Are some people more equal than others? Who is the best person for the job?

I encourage members of the tribe to not only support people with like minds but that they start their own “hustles” to foster the positive aspects of our movement.

Vote with your feet and vote with your pockets. Start moving away from lining your pockets with “ill gotten gains”. Stop “male workplace genocide”????

As Rob Says had previously had mentioned: Start saying “No”. Stop saying “I’m sorry”.

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What if Hitler did Yoga? …excellent article by Mark Manson — Yoga Lifestyle with Cristina

https://markmanson.net……For the last few years, I’ve had an idea for a satirical self-help article called, “The Productivity Secrets of Adolf Hitler.” The article would feature all the popular self-help tropes—goals, visualizations, morning routines—except expressed through the exploits of Hitler. “Hitler starts his day at 5 AM each morning with a quick round of yoga and […]

via What if Hitler did Yoga? …excellent article by Mark Manson — Yoga Lifestyle with Cristina

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24 Years Ago: Snowflake Irony

I had watched Heat for the first time in a long time. I love the acting and the action. Those types of movies remind me of interesting times. This was before many of the actors split ways with a semblance of reality for either the world of drug abuse or kissing snowflake sjw ass world. The highlight of Heat was Jon Voigt’s miniscule horseshoesque mustache.

Young men were capable of understanding that the shootouts were a work of fanstasy, not a call for replication.

We are still responsible for our actions and we choose how we feel. Empathy and concepts of understanding are still needed. We need not to marginalize ourselves but to drive for more. If we can’t live for ourselves, we need to find greater reasons to “be” or to exist. We can strive to be more.

Deniro. Damn, how far we have fallen!!!!!

Three things to be greatful for:

(1) Grass cutting:

Its that time of the year. The grass grew. The weather was agreeable. It was easier than it usually is. Positive mindful exercise.

(2) Jogging:

First time in a while I was able to go for a five miler in a while. It was a decent run. Still training for a half marathon and I look forward to it.

(3) Neurological healing after series of trauma events:

I have been undertaking a journey of sorts. My injury coupled with bad life choices had left me “kind of fried”. I unplugged from the dopamine machine cycle. I encourage you to do the same. My nerves are coming back and I feel less foggy than I had before.

Kick some ass this week. Rock and roll. Meet new people. Meet up with folks. Be that person.

Do. Be. Love one another as you would want to be loved. Blessings.



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