Nicki Minaj’s Near Hit As of Late

I hate many things “Hollyweird“. I think that many things in the entertainment industry are designed to generate outrage and attention for the sole purpose of making a dime. When I was a young person, we had Madonna via “Like A Prayer” among other titillating experiences.

Every decade and generation has its moment/artist. I may not understand or appreciate many of them, whether it be due to taste or an aging sense of enjoyment, but there is something out there for everyone.

And a specific “something” lies in one Nicki Minaj. I naturally don’t care for her music or the veneer of the lifestyle she pitches. (I don’t think any of it is realistic or conducive for the good parts of society). But I have to admit that it reaches people and so does her voice.

Her voice (or what she says) often falls on my deaf ears. But she struck a nerve by accident as of late.

Her commentary about “cousin’s friend’s balls” struck a nerve. Not specifically about impotence , but various male health concerns possibly connected to the vaccines.

(I have verbally talked about the vaccine and my concerns).

I understand that Nicki lacks the medical degree that Dr. Faucci does, (but Joseph Mengele was a doctor too along with Cornelius Rhodes). But she is correct to have concerns.

Due to work and logistics issues, I received the vaccine earlier in the year. I was adamantly against the vaccine, due to its rush to the public and shitty vetting. (I still think that our government let this through due to influence from lobbyists in the healthcare/big pharma sector).

The first shot was uneventful, the second gave me all of the symptoms. But the weirdest symptom was swelling in my “junk” and what I could describe as a third “nut” that sank down to my upper right leg. It made me walk funny and not want to f*ck for a while. I had a fun time getting a ultrasound for the third nut and finding someone to tell me what was wrong.

Bless the PA who got to scope me out in my sweaty underwear. I was finally told that it might have been leftover vaccine and it happened sometimes. (A prescription broke it and disappeared a few days later.

I feel like I was weakened by the vaccine in the long run. I missed some good balling and spending time with people with energy. I also am concerned about prostate cancer due to my age, I sure as hell don’t want anything else to wreck my body. (I have had a past with alcohol and I worry about my liver numbers at times).

I think that the entertainment media is all but too happy to hear Nicki’s commentary about getting dicked like its going out of style, but the minute she says something close to coherent it is laughed at.

I think she is allowed to be concerned about a man’s nuts and vaccine interactions without her getting a medical degree. I am concerned about mine and I have had a poor reaction to the vaccine.

No medical degree required. I thank her for her concerns. I just think it is sad that Hollyweird is that shallow to reject her concerns and play a punk to big pharma’s reach.

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Sunny Side Up Book Review of Noble Brown’s The White Arrow

I find myself with a few sporadic minutes during my day and I often fill them with the consumption of books. These readings lead to the notes that often become the inspiration of my articles. I have had a few people I consider friends publish their own books. After this alarming fact, I decided to jump on the opportunity to be lazy.

I wanted to start reviewing these books the NY Times won’t do due to the lack of connections. Amazon doesn’t mind burying those that lack a PR backing. But I choose to read and “embrace” them. I present to you the “Sunny Side Up Book Review”.

I was blessed to receive  copy of Noble Brown’s The White Arrow in the mail. I feel like most little kids and have a great day after receiving something I actually want in the mail. I had mentioned to Mr. Brown that I wanted to read his book and eventually do a review.

The White Arrow was one of the most “elusive” books that I have ever picked up. I would start reading it and something came up to interrupt my reading it. I would always find something intriguing in this book, but would be forced to put it down.

I am not sure if it qualifies as “fantasy” but it contains many fascinating stories within stories. Its characters make you want to read the book, either to find out what happens or to learn something else interesting. The book proves that it is okay to not know now and to be thrilled as you learn.

It must be mentioned that although you may be looking for a hero, you may never find it. I enjoyed this part of the book and it was especially entertaining to read about all of these character’s struggles. Their interactions helped “make” the book.

The book gets somewhere without “leaving” to begin with. You will enjoy this book when you successfully pick it up.

I am loathe to tell this book’s story when you should get a copy and read it yourself. You may do so at the link below.

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A Worthy Foe Makes A Warrior

Every year I seem to read about the story behind the “halls of Montezuma” reference that many a US Marine has sung.

I had read about the Battle of Chapultepec, the famous political/military people involved, and the failures of the Mexican army’s leadership.

But I re-read the story behind it and noticed something that was left out of the easy version of the story. The notable American heroes wouldn’t have found their victory if it wouldn’t for the worthy foes involved.

In the Battle of Chapultepec, the Chapultepec Castle (military college) was bombarded by US forces. The bombardment ripped apart the fortifications, causing many soldiers of the Mexican army to grow discouraged and run away.

But there were some that stayed and fought. There were young men from the military school and a few of the army regulars that gave proverbial hell. They fought and gave the Marines the battle they needed.

(In a lesser remembered reference, former deserted US soldiers who were members of St. Patrick’s Battalion, were executed by the victorious US forces. around this same time).

We often overlook the worthy opponents that make us warriors. I may not celebrate them but I do have a small amount of “appreciation” for the foes that brought us there.

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Am I Supposed To Trust These People To Revolt?

Many well-meaning people sport “Molon Labe” stickers, 3% decals, and various “advertisements” to their leanings when it comes to government support. I would hope that these “Murica’”-esque rednecks and ardent patriots could be trusted to stand up/fight.

I wouldn’t hold my breath. It might take another generation. We aren’t that removed from one of the dumbest head scratching events that I ever had the displeasure reading about:

The Straw Hat Riot

Yes, I didn’t have a clue about this event. Never knew it happened. No clue on what happened or who was involved.

It was stupidity at best. People running around and destroying hats, instead of putting them away at the end of a season. There was no law determining the correct time to wear a certain type of hat, it went down hill from there.

In my words, teens pissed off dockworkers, fights and riots broke out. This happened in 1922. And for some reason, it still happened a few years after.

History lessons aside, many among me pine for the yester years and the supposed level headed predecessors that lived in those times. We had idiots back then, just like we have idiots now.

It is these idiots that you have to win over or kill to light things off. We might have moved on from punching hats but we have idiots that can’t handle the word “niggardly”, adopt abhorrent backward behaviors, or a bevy of other “things wrong”.

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A Special “Reads Only” Post: 9-11

I decided to not do my usual “reads, listens, concerns” post for this Sunday.

I wanted to share a few 9-11 themed postings from around the “reader” and another from someone I don’t know, but his piece moved me.

9/11 Twenty years on

Catholicsm Pure and Simple spoke about an account of someone who escaped (and survived) the North Tower collapse.

Banned Hipster spoke about his conversations with someone who had a witness report that was different than what the news ended up running.

Zane spoke about the moment he saw the attacks. I may have had a different opinion about many of the events that he mentioned but I also experienced much of what he did, through the small screen of television. (I am not an usual reader/subscriber of his work but I was moved by this piece).

Constitutional Insurgent (Libertas/Latte) presents where I ended up after where I started somewhere completely different.

Didact speaks about something that struck me in my personal life; moving on and not mourning the wasted years.

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FreeMatt in Review: 9-6 to 9-10

Making hay and watching “Warthogs”. In the meantime, check out this week’s FreeMatt in Review.

When A Whirlwind Relationship Blows Off Course

I couldn’t continue on with a relationship when I noticed that a woman didn’t respect my views or respect “us”. Read about the story in the link below.

Rules For Thee, Not For Me

I share a humorous story about a church youth group trip and how tedious rules don’t apply to everyone.

Fare Thee Well; Brother. Fare Thee Well

We forgot how to celebrate when others graduate, move on, and leave for greener pastures. I talk about it further in this post.

What Was 20 Years Ago: The 9-11 Post

Twenty years later, 9-11 was an interesting and dark time, but it had a weird silver lining. It was a turning point in my four year military haul.

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What Was 20 Years Ago: The 9-11 Post

It was a dark time for many. It was during a troubling time for yours truly. I was stuck in a time loop that would Groundhog Day pale in comparison.

I was in the US Navy, onboard an actual ship. We were technically on a deployment but we were in port during the “half way” point for maintenance.

My job, at the time, was what many army personnel called “KP” duty. I was the guy that ran the skullery, which was the dishwasher. It was nasty and hot. People treated you like shit and made your job harder.

(One of the positives is that you could spray hot water at a stainless steel plate, then bank shot the stream to hit someone. The person was around a corner and didn’t always suspect you were doing it).

When I wasn’t doing that job, I was either sleeping or drinking. The drinking part became a problem. I had limited time to do anything fun. I usually spent it drinking. My life was shit anyway. (This was after I got kicked out of school, accused of sexual assault, then threatened with involuntary commitment to the psych ward of a nearby Navy hospital).

I didn’t care about much. For the most part, I had given up on the actual specialty that I went to school for. Outside of my real job, I had a few friends but many of them had their own hell. I also had ended up on the radar of our command’s drug/alcohol abuse counselor. It was an informal type situation but that was one step away from getting in the system.

If you got in the system, you generally had to stop drinking. It was going to kill your career. But the irony is that no one I remember in the system ended up with an honorable discharge. It was a fuck around that was designed to protect the Navy, not to help you not kill yourself slowly.

9-11 hit on a weird day. I had woke up late, no one came and got me. There were a bunch of people glued to the TV in our ship’s galley (lunchroom for civilians). I had saw a building with smoke coming out of it. Murmurs were abound. I wasn’t there a few minutes and another airplane hit the buildings. I rushed to wake up my friend from NY.

We stood there in awe. Then everyone ran around like chickens without heads. We made preparations for leaving port on an emergency sortie that never came…

Long story short, we were one of two ships that didn’t leave. It was a dark day for the military also.

The most terrible thing I ever had to tell anyone is that the darkest day for many was a saving grace for my four year haul. Through directives and a change in oversight, I was given a second chance to clean myself up. I put in a little more work. Many of my supervisors ended up with new orders. The Navy wasn’t interested in losing people at the time. The reserves were called up for certain specialties.

I was promoted a few times. I still wasn’t the best sailor but I was good enough for that time. I made a few friends that helped make things survivable.

I still struggle with the urges to get comatose shitfaced at times. But I deal with stress/stressors instead of dosing myself and praying that they disappear.

9-11 was twenty years ago. Twenty years ago became a better time in my life.

(Bless the people of NY and those that lost their lives that day).

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Fare Thee Well; Brother. Fare Thee Well

We might have forgotten the power of the “proper sendoff”. In certain areas of our life, we had ways of celebrating (or mourning) our sending off of someone. (Think moving, joning military, going off at a distance to school, etc).

At my church, military veterans and members cose to the person leaving would lay a hand on that person in support, it was done for myself and someone else I know who joined the military. It was also done for those church officials that were in good status.

I was touched to have a send off at one of my workplaces that involved several of the shops that I worked at. It was an honor to shake ther hands for what I thought was the final time.

On my ship, for the guys who would frequent the apartment, we could always bring together “the people” for a celebratory bender. It was bittersweet knowing that they were leaving but happy that they were leaving a “Hotel California” situation without an end.

I think that we seem to have grown comfortable watching people disappear out of our workplaces and organizations. It is a little sad to see those that we hold in high esteem just whither as if they were a mere speck of dust in a common whirlwind.

On a day where there are fair winds and following seas, I always want to say: Fare thee We;;; Brother. Fare thee well.

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Rules For Thee, Not For Me

I had a well-meaning passenger voice their concerns about my driving habits. I find myself driving faster in areas where I have memorized traffic light patterns and the habits of other street bound maniacs. I am loathed to lay on the breaks and I expect for others to not “Mickey Mouse” at stop signs.

I don’t knowingly decide to be “that kind of person” but it comes naturally. But I didn’t decided to become that kind of person, I had a great example to inspire me.

It was a few years before I started driving and learning the joys of drinking alcohol. I was dragged into attending various religious events, which put the first nails in the coffin of my football “career”. I for the most part have checked out of it, minus running into a few folks I would get in trouble with. And I would be able to salvage part of those events.

I found myself getting dragged into traveling trips for our youth group. I had fun on occasion but I also got in trouble. This trip would be no different, we were going to Louisiana. We were in good hands, well known chaperones, including a friend’s mom we called “Bill”. Bill didn’t bother me but another one did. The other one is someone I call “Saint Hildy”. Saint Hildy was someone who did their best to do what they say. But this was to everyone’s deficit. There was always an well intentioned interference from her.

This time it was a “compact” or a “morals clause”. We all had to sign it. No drinking, sex, gambling, smoking, etc. I ended up having my poker chips being seized, because “gambling”? Yeah, afterhours shenanigans were being shunted. Most of the kids did their best to follow this. But the irony is that the adults had to sign the morals clause also.

Most of the adults aren’t the wildest people. Pretty calm and wanting to relax at the end of the day. But they did want an opportunity to get away from the kids. And they picked one of the few places open in that tiny town; The Sizzler.

St. Hildy, along with “Bill”, and two other adults went along. The most senior male present, Pauly, went in and ordered a beer. The clutching at pearls St. Hildy told Pauly that “everyone signed a morals clause, we aren’t supposed to be drinking”. Pauly’s response was gold: “I’m a grown man. That doesn’t apply to me”.

I silently laughed when I overheard this. But it rang true years later. I generally get pissy when I hear shit like that. I take the trash out in my underwear, although I was told I wasn’t supposed to do that. I used to drink booze before noon, which was some social faux pas years ago. And I am personally fond of smoking cigars while shopping, because you know why? That shit is for other people, not for me.

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When A Whirlwind Relationship Blows Off Course

A smarter man once told me to not let a one night stand last two nights. I failed to adhere to that decent advice. An enlightened man once told me to avoid a “no night stand” altogether, leaving an alley shag in the alley. I never went to that level but I may in the future.

I was a sucker for a friend setting me up with one of their coworkers, which was wrong to begin with but I was at a weakened state at the time.

(This was the mention of Midwest Express in my post :

Looking past her red flags, something stuck out post-mortem. The ugliest thing that stuck out is that I could see the fork in the road, of my future, and she wasn’t coming along. I made positive overtures to save a sinking ship and not only did she not grab a proverbial bucket, she played Nearer My God To Thee as if it was the right thing to do. I don’t think she did this out of any malice but that she was that uncomfortable with the potential change.

In the long run, I felt a level of disrespect from her. I didn’t think that she took my ideas serious, often just nodding and smiling. No questions or input. She had never knew a man with any type of goals or dreams. I was a ghost or a foreigner to her. And she ended up treating me as so.

She came crawling back to me after we split and I didn’t see the appeal, especially someone that couldn’t respect the concept of “us” or my outlook for the future.

I had added the below quote I had found digging around in the RPW subreddit and the “The Red Pill” archive. I had mediocre unimaginative sex just about all the time, but I never received the right type of respect that would have made me her man.

I will never make that mistake again. Respect.


“Men have two things that they require like air: respect and sex.”


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