Support demographic suicide

Men; I have blatantly mentioned before that if you support companies that are in line with men and our system of beliefs, you can’t go wrong. You need to be aware of who you are sending money to.

(Shameless plug for my mistyped article following the tip of the iceburg: This Not the Best you Can Get).

The opposite of supporting people that are in our frame of mind/tribe is a bleak one that might look infested with hyperbole but equally as ugly.


You shouldn’t count on our friends at the C(unt) News Network to report the truth. They dropped the ball on the Clinton Lewinsky affair, giving rise to the Drudge Report/Matt Drudge. I have every reason to believe that their narrative would give them good reason to not report when politically correct speech related arrests happen. There is no impartiality. Look at the write ups of Roosh V.’s meetups ( The same is said about Amazon’s continual excising of “incorrect” books and works. ( (


I might see illogical, cry baby shitbirds wail that President DJT and a vast male conspiracy is somehow fighting to control their bodies ( BUT they overlook an actual march towards demographic suicide in incremental steps. Forcing a man to take hormones? I was hoping that this wasn’t true. I was also hoping that there was a tongue in cheek joke in this articles title ( But men being set aside and stripped of their lives was a clear idea from a prominent feminist ( Nevermind that we overlook that a Huffington (Huff and Blow) Post Editor says that she had a New Years resolution to kill all men ( No one thought that an angry ex soldier from Austria was someone to take serious either. That man, Adolf Hitler, oversaw a genocide. Its starts somewhere.

I don’t want to start on about the third/fourth rail of men’s downfall: Legal system

We can keep this in the quiver for when the rabbit hole comes in handy.


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This Not the Best you Can Get

Everyone has seen or heard about the stupid Gillette commercial. Im over it. But I want you to look at a different way. Why aren’t you supporting companies that support your views and way of life?

Many smart men among our mists have discouraged usage of boycotts. (I am one of the few that remembers that boycotts are actually named after a man, afterall).

I do have one counter proposition. Buy goods and services from those that share your views. Some lame-asses call this “buycotting”. I call it good policy.

If Gillette hires feminazis to make their commercials, find a small business/man owned business to support. I have a few great examples below.

I think most coffee made by the biggest companies suck. (Im looking at you, Schultz at Starbucks). I support outfits like GroundShark( and Black Rifle Coffee ( I pick jiujitsu and veterans over demographic suicide anyday.

Don’t even think about Gillette when you could be using Battle Brother’s Shaving Co. razors ( or Black Diamond (

I could go on and on about changing your mindset away from flinging money at people that don’t value men or you. (This is true in publishing, coffee, razors, and “what have you”). Read your labels and find out who owns the company. If it is NPC/SJW’s, spend a little more to help a man owned biz or anyone who shares your views.

Its up to you.

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Polar Escape: Back from the Brink

I took a brief time-out from cold showers due to a medical condition. I have made it back for round (x). Little Somalia actually froze over outside. I went jogging to enjoys its winter splinder.

Pro: I wasn’t too cold. Helped me stay numb to outside weather. Heat is nice around our wood heater.

Cons: Its a crappy segue for an usually enjoyable activity. Kind of like screwing a light socket; you get all worked up and you just finish mad as hell.

This isn’t bad but hot showers are hands down more enjoyable. Joints are great, even after a 6 mile run and gym time.

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John Coughlin, U.S. skating champion, commits suicide after #MeToo style accusation

Not everyone survives #MeToo, I barely did. Here is a story on someone that didn’t.

Wife With A Purpose

This one will slip by most people’s radars.

A man trying to live his professional life is blindsided by a #MeToo accusation.

He denies the charge but stands to lose everything in a world dominated by feminism (where men are guilty until proven…well…also guilty).

He commits suicide.

Lord, have mercy.

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Leave suicide to those that sacrifice

Tim Ferris had talked about signing a book for someone and there had been a teary mention of someone that had taken their life. Suicide.

Some Practical Thoughts on Suicide

I still have the memory of attending a friend’s funeral after he had committed suicide. Its a nagging feeling. I know that I hadn’t been the only one. There had been someone who worked in my department that dealt with a coworker that swallowed a bullet in broad daylight. For men; its someone, somewhere.

(You might hear me joke about suicide. Its a coping mechanism. I know someone in school who’s brother shot himself before we became teenagers. Coupled with Kurt Cobain’s supposed suicide; I became desensitized. I know it is serious. There is no mistaking this. If suicide is something that troubles you, please get help. I would encourage you to seek help from the National Suicide Prevention LifeLine at 1800- 273-8255. Step back from the ledge).

I would like for you to consider adopting a shift in how you see suicide. I would start in mentioning that i had a world of crappy outcomes hit me all at once. I learned to reject taking my life my own life. I feel like I let my enemies win easily when I give up, why would I let them win when I take my own life? I think your new process is to go down swinging. Outlast the bastards. Screw someone new tomorrow. Live better.

I encourage you to leave the taking of your own life to those that leap on grenades to save their squadmates. Leave it to those that sacrifice to stop the taking of someone else’s life. Leave it to those with true purpose. Live to defeat your enemies and live better than them.

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Think Progress Claims Homeschooling Means You’re in League with Russia and You’re a “Christofascist”

Homeschoolers become the next biggest enemy. Libertarians take note, you are being slammed!

Wife With A Purpose

#Homeschoolers, you are now #Russian spies and “Christofascists” according to the Left.

If we don’t do something soon they will outlaw #homeschooling, they will outlaw ALL #OrthodoxChristianity (then other forms of Christianity following that) and they will start imprisoning and executing people.

This has happened before a dozen times in the past couple of hundred years, in various countries. They are creating a false demon and then linking everyone they don’t like to that demon in order to justify violent action against us.

I’m not being hyperbolic, I mean this sincerely – get your souls ready folks, martyrdom is on the horizon.

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Ronin by Two Choices

Ronin is a word that is often “bantied” around. I know of a few “LARP”ers that have watched movies with “ronin” in the title or subject matter. When I speak of “ronin”, I speak of a modern man that has broken away from the common nerve and desiring to stay away from “societal” leaders. Modern men of a true purpose. I have seen or met a few. I know of two ways one became a ronin.

By choice: (I know of the history of the previous incarnation of “ronin” where the samurai lost their masters.) I admit that I was never a samurai but I feel like I was a fighter of some type. I don’t accept the sorry state in which we live in and the stupidity in which we base our lives. I feel like I have lost a previous system that had worked and benefitted man. I choose to not have a soulless master. I want to have purpose. I easily could be vapid and empty. I want to improve and drive on.

By circumstance: I had previously mentioned the loss of system or master. There is an element of men seeking for more or for better.  I believe that this would count for circumstance. We need purpose and quite often mental/physical fitness counts for this. We may have started with nothing. We may have discovered a yearning. Need is a circumstance. We may have been dealt a hand of dubious nature. We may have decided to live with our mistakes.

Although I have to admit that I have blurred the lines; I often believe that living outside of a corrupt system is my choice and that I feel like I have been pushed to find better. I believe that many men have the yearning to do better but it is up to them to go all out. To go all out and embrace the modern ronin.


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Your Body is Winter

The “day after next” of cold showers. This was a mixed bag of sorts. I’m still working on my breathing techniques. I always adopt the idea that yesterday is the worst day of anything.

Pro: It woke me up physically when I took a cold shower in the morning. A jump start of sorts. I didn’t pass out or have some type of shock effect. Skin is so-so. Joints are good.

Con: Its cold every time. It is winter after all. My feet stayed cold, even up to the point of my typing this report. Minor shakes. Temporary “b*tch mittens”.

I am looking towards “perfecting” this. I think it is teaching me to value showers. My muscles in my legs seem “tighter” than they had been before I started the cold showers. Mind over matter? I will part with this wisdom: “we will see tomorrow”.

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When the gravedigger mourns…

I have started a serious article with a bit of a misleading way. The gravedigger doesn’t.

The gravedigger has one of the most important jobs. He allows for us to move on. He brings closure.

I had mentioned on Twitter that I had I had to bury the family dog today. I have had the responsibility to bury every animal that has died at my house and I volunteered to dig a grave for a stupid coon hound for a relative. (Coon hound got kicked by a bull). I am saddened by every loss of life when it had purpose.

I take my responsibility very seriously. I encourage every man to look at many of their responsibilities seriously and without regrets. In our world, it is our job and we should embrace them.

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Polar bears ask for jackets

Day infinity of the cold shower experiment:

I am not sure if it is part of growing “adjusted” to cold showers but it wasn’t as bad as it was yesterday.

I finished up at the gym from a productive squat day. I didn’t have a terrible time outside of a out of control flight or fight response. Decent burn but not “pain”.

The cold water knocked down some of the “acid” burn. I didn’t get too light headed due to adopting better breathing techniques.

Pro: Tight skin. Muscles aren’t wobbly. Skin doesn’t seem to get dry or flaky.

Con: Cold. Feels like a punishment. I had the usual shakes for a few minutes. A little cloudy for a few minutes but it cleared up.

I think I am being slowly programmed for waterboarding. I am not sure of this. I will let you know when the magic happens but I still think that there is a lesson on Day 365 waiting for me.

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