Statism in Five Images (REBLOG)

Statism, a word that I seldom hear used by many people, but used like a false god.

I long for when people not ask for government but ask of what they could do for themselves and their neighbors.

Please think on these concepts.

(H/T to DJ Mitchell for the reblog and reminder of where are heads should be)


Statism in Five Images

January 30, 2021 by Dan Mitchell

Back in 2018, I shared five images that accurately capture leftism, which is the Mussolini-ish notion of “All within the state, nothing outside the state, nothing against the state” (one of the images was subsequently deleted, so you can enjoy this column if you want five of them).

Today, we’re going to look at five more example that reveal the statist mindset.

We’ll start with this algorithm showing how our leftist friends analyze real and imagined problems.

It’s especially frustrating that they inevitably decide that the proper response to government-caused problems is more power for government.

Anyhow, here’s a picture of two of those leftists.

Speaking of government, here’s a cartoon showing the attitude statists have when they obtain power.

Yes, there are serious ways of explaining why the private sector does a better job, but sometimes humor is an effective way of making that point.

Next, we have this clever meme.

The opposite of libertarianism, to say the very least.

I’ve saved the best for last, as usual.

By the way, I’ve never considered Dwight Eisenhower to be a great president like Reagan or Coolidge, but he made a similar point about prison being an ideal leftist world.


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3 Responses to Statism in Five Images (REBLOG)

  1. Lots of good images, but if I have to pick a favorite I’m going with the girl-in-bikini option.
    Damn, I’m predictable.

    The first one is the one I’d put on a t-shirt though. I think we’ve all seen the stories of people actually calling 911 because of Starbuck’s or McDonald’s getting their orders wrong.


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  3. Gunner Q says:

    I heard tell of several police departments publicly offering to test your meth for you at no charge to see if your dealer is cheating you. It works so well, they redo it every few years.

    Low trust of your neighbor combined with high trust in government… nobody wins except the house.


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