Sometimes The Sewer Is Full Of Shit

Overhearing depressing news during discussions isn’t new news, but it is something that is worth remembering.

I heard the same complaints from a notable commentator; Ben Shapiro. It must be said that I am not a huge fan of his. I think most of his commentary matches his whiny voice. I think that he is one of those types of people that purposelessly walls themselves away from society, then victim signals to others for attention.

(His physical presence and body language aren’t impressive. I think that Nick Fuentes embarrassed him also. He strikes me as someone that would hide behind a bodyguard and yell “neener-neener”).

Outside of this stuff, I think something that Shapiro said struck a chord with me. His critique, among others, about certain elements of modern music seem to be spot on. I might have different reasons to not like it but I understand his views.

People might make the arguments that many among us didnt make a peep when Madonna did her rolling around on stage in a wedding dress act back in the day or some other oversight. But this stuff is shit all over to me.

Many folks tell me that you have to root around in a mile of filth to find a gold ring but sometimes the sewer is just full of shit. You can’t expect the Grammys to actually present awesome music, it is just industry and Hollyweird garbage. Most radio stations play punk for major studios, missing out on showcasing local flavor and hustling artists of a different essence.

I found myself shaking my head at much of what is thrown around as talent these days. The cultural doldrums makes it easier to listen to a symphony these days.

It isnt because I got older since Metallica was robbed, but it is the fact that I smell shit on the horizon. It isnt my lip this time.


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