This Sunny Side Up Book Review of Maxwell Cain: Burrito Avenger

I find myself with a few sporadic minutes during my day and I often fill them with the consumption of books. These readings lead to the notes that often become the inspiration of my articles. I have had a few people I consider friends publish their own books. After this alarming fact, I decided to jump on the opportunity to be lazy.

I wanted to start reviewing these books the NY Times won’t do due to the lack of connections. Amazon doesn’t mind burying those that lack a PR backing. But I choose to read and “embrace” them. I present to you the “Sunny Side Up Book Review”.

This Sunny Side Up Book Review is of Adam Lane Smith’s Maxwell Cain: Burrito Avenger.

Mr. Smith’s book is a worthwhile side step from the usual bizarre excuse for literary work. I seldom find myself excited to read a book with “action” in it. I actually enjoyed it this time.

In my head, the main character Cain is ironically relatable. He finds himself on a treadmill of Sisyphean proportions, looking to enjoy one of the few things that might bring him joy.

Many of us like this “story”, especially anyone experiencing an action movie made before the 2000’s. Kate is the level of partner we could use in our lives, exhibiting the right mix of pluck and edge. Smith dares to share certain descriptors for his more loathsome characters that ring true for our nutless former supervisors.

I couldn’t imagine that Mr. Smith was inspired by a huge event in my life, considering he hadn’t met me in the trying times of the year 2000, but he did his best to reach us all. Save any mention of corn dogs, the Burrito Avenger might suit your fancy.

You have ventured this far, feel free to purchase a copy of his work on Amazon at the link below:

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