Falling Out Of Formation: Noticing The Missing Man

A short time after every wakeup and breakfast on the ship, I would enter the pointless and monotonous routine we held in port. When the weather participated in the Sunshine State, we could find ourselves observing a polite respite from the boredom. We would line up in formation for news and to be inspected, but we would also have the Atlantic Ocean as a back drop.

Outside of the unmistaken beauty, I would observe people I considered “family”. For many years, a few of the people that lined up stayed the same. Sometimes we lost a few and sometimes we gained a few. We would often “mourn” with a few beers. But during the inspection or muster, we would often have someone fall out of formation.

I noticed that I had a parallel in my personal life. I had several decades of having someone in arm’s length just to see that person become a memory. And it hit hard the other day. Someone who I had known since kindergarten and lined up with “us” for my high school years found himself in the obituaries. This was a jovial man, soft spoken, who never minded my quirks. He was a gentleman to many, also a friend to both punks and preps alike. The man served in the US Army after I had gotten out of the Navy.

I look over my shoulder today, finding an empty spot. I miss his polite smile and calm humor style.

It is one thing that I am “knocking on 40” but I couldn’t imagine that I would be doing it without people like him.

We miss you, Joe. It is worse without you.

The formation is one empty. I saw that you fell out for good reason.


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