The Power of Shitty Neighbors

Many moons ago (1830’s); Canada found itself being “visited” by shitty neighbors, namely assholes from the United States. The “United Statesman” had ill-intent. They came looking for a fight. The neighboring jackasses wanted to stick their nose in someone else’s business. Their example set reminded me of what crappy neighbors can do for you.

(It didn’t matter if it was invading countries for financial gain or some other idiotic reason).

Although my notes didn’t allow for a solid article today, it did allow for me to look back at where I might have went wrong.

(1) “We drove our neighbor nuts with our days long benders and fireworks shooting, causing our MILF neighbor to lose sleep and led to our eventual eviction”.

(2) I also had a neighbor, when I was crashing at a buddy’s apartment, who was a comical asshole. This jackass, who was kicked out of the military for smoking crack, broke in when he was drunk. He was locked out of his own apartment, which he didn’t want to break into.

(3) In my crappy neighborhood, there were times when we couldn’t leave our apartment. Police were often chasing someone. They often were being chased for asshole behavior and resistance to the concept of living a decent life. My next door neighbor was a great example of this. He was wanted by the US Marshalls, apparently for killing someone. (Dude looked like a tall Haitian machete killer). (I also had to stay in my apartment for nearly a half an hour when they slammed him around under the watchful eye of multiple helicopters).

I learned from much of these experiences, including when I was the one that helped cause the chaos.

I could be the bad neighbor. It didn’t matter if it was causing others to lose sleep, work, or foment “war”. I could be a better neighbor because I knew the power of the shitty neighbor.


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