The Matterings w/ Matt

I was finding myself amazingly busy doing yardwork and other things that I was loathed to do during the week. I wasn’t going to get anything done writing wise. I barely was able to get a piece in for someone else’s newsletter. But I did have some oddball things I had been pondering:

Nerve Dead or Is Everyone Else That Sensitive??

I was cutting wood outside and I sliced slightly into my hand. It was a small cut. It wasn’t that painful but I did find myself bleeding. Depending on the circumstances, I occasionally with bleed a decent amount. I found this out the hard way before. This time was a little bit different but still bled for a minute. It wasn’t too bad. But I have noticed in that previous instances that people see an injury and show sheer concern. My question: Do people feel that much pain in small injuries? I have broken bones and cut open my skin, never felt that bad.

Are Some of You That Inconsiderate???

When I was younger, my friends and I would find ourselves at other people’s parties. I occasionally was invited. If I arrived to a party where I was only loosely connected to, I would ask the person running the party if I was okay to be there. This was especially true for people that I wasn’t immensely close to. I had went to a prom party, dressed well but no invitation. I did the courtesy and was cleared to stay. A few poorly dressed non-prom attending and school dropouts from my neighborhood showed up. I asked to my party the question I asked my readers.

The Autism Act Acting Like They Can Act

I was slightly troubled to see someone stumbling through life in one of the worst situations I had ever seen. This person is reportedly on the spectrum with unhealthy and enabling friends. The environment just encourages bad behaviors and no one getting better. I had read that many people on the spectrum act normal, knowing that it is like a mask they wear. The person in question does this. Sporting a bouncing smile, while they are confused and unable to formulate a normal response. Coupled with emotional immaturity, they seem to act like they can act like everyone else. It is like a “paintless” pantomime with words. I don’t wish ill on the person but my survival doesn’t allow me to have that level of sympathy. My sympathy would not do anything for them anyway.

Metaphorical Winter Makes The Desperate Search For Heat

The options were thinning out and the desperate change their tune. I find it unnerving that people almost become someone different. Do people not know that it makes more sense to be who they were and not try to be someone completely new? It isn’t a do over. You can’t peel off the imprints on your psyche and even the physical memories that you have experienced. People remember who I was, why the f*ck should they forget who you were?


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