A-holes Take Advantage of The Religious

(Food for thought posting today)

Without me digging around to find the article, I thought I had read that a private equity (or some other type of investment company) had bought up an entire neighborhood.

(It always sickened me that people would do reverse mortgages and screw their families. But it sickened me that there were companies out there doing it. Always legal or at least some jerkwater attorneys said it was.)

Someone is always screwed legally. Plenty of televangelist loving fools among me think nothing of watching other people get screwed.

(Something about Caesar and Caesar’s laws. Heck, turn the other cheek, etc.)

I watch rubes get screwed over royally when it is their turn. Some judge told them how to vote or some other moron told them to throw up their hands in surrender. Meanwhile, the hand rubbing types go to town. They become a shitty landlord and can afford to throw you in a hucklebuck.

Its okay. God told you to follow laws and expect other people (namely vc and trust fund bros) to do the right thing.

But I ask you sincerely, what could you do hypothetically?

Sit there and grab your ankles?

(Never mind a real estate collapse)

Do your best moron impression and shake your head, saying “Why won’t someone do something?”

You could always channel your inner Backdraft and use extra legal methods to shrink their “holdings”.

I wouldn’t suggest this but I sure as hell wouldn’t encourage you to get rummaged, either.


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