The Multi Facet Story of Mogadishu Matt (The Honorary Somali)

The unintelligent among me inspire. I hear amazingly stupid people throw ad hominem attacks at libertarians. The vast majority of them are not within any boundary of factual.

“If you love anarchy so much, why don’t you move to Somalia?”

This quote was the one that made my day. It was beyond stupid and lacking in historical context. It also turns Somalia (and surrounding regions) into an undeserved punchline.

The morons who said this, predominately from anti-intellectual circles, miss many important things:

Somalia has had a mix of various types of governments. I would dare to say that this area is not “lawless”. I will discuss this further shortly.

For my liberal minded cohorts, from the late 60s to the early 90s, Somalia had a government that adopted a form of socialism. It wasn’t the free market or the evil invisible hand turning the knob of change.

For conservatives, libertarians had nothing to do with any of this, but several outside countries did. (Yes, the US govt among others did).

The current government of Somalia is a collection of people from various regions. Watering this down as much as possible, there are many tribes/clans among many different familial groups. I must include a mention of several different religions and systems of beliefs.

I would never call any of this perfect, but it is Somalia’s to deal with.

When Somalia was in a state of “flux”, the people would often fall back to their small tribes and regional affiliations. The term anarchy is ignorant. The term kritocracy is closer to fitting. (Governance in small groups and councils, etc). (Prior references of xeer were given also).

Most people desire order and not an animal existence. When larger bonds break down it is understood that we fall back to what we know.

I may not be a practitioner of strict voluntaryism but I think that it is a great bar to guide you. I believe in commerce and free association. I believe in taking care of those among you in your nearest vicinity.

I own up to the silly joke that the ignorant among me use. I think that the Somali people deserve better than ignorant ridicule. I would rather call myself Mogadishu Matt and give tribute to those in that region.

In 2021; I resolve to learn more about their region and to salute potential friends instead of paint them in a bad light. People bad mouth Americans from the southern regions, why should I badmouth the Somalis?

(Don’t trip with Blackhawk Down, UNITAF, or Al Shabaab. I imagine that many of the people there are aware of those things.)


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3 Responses to The Multi Facet Story of Mogadishu Matt (The Honorary Somali)

  1. Gunner Q says:

    I figured you called yourself Mogadishu Matt because you used to be there, military service or something..?


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