Men Must Understand Presence and Be Aware Of

I had a few minutes when I was out in the field to stew over some historical events. I had read about the start of the War of The Sicilian Vespers in 1282.

(Long story short, Sicillians rebelled against French rule under Charles of Anjou).

My biggest takeaways were that the French screwed up royally due to their behavior and treatment of the locals.

I think that a man’s presence has much to do with his success. It can determine if he is treated well or not treated at all.

I have been a part of a group of men with clean cut demeanors, physically fit bodies, and good posture. Our group was complimented several times. Both folks wanted to know who we were. One guy asked us if we were professional athletes and the other couldn’t believe that we could get men from around the world together, especially well accomplishing men.

We were treated well and our service was great. It was smiles and kind words. People wanted to know more about us. We might have not been locals but we were great representatives for our respective areas.

Status and presence have been an established element to focus on.

This will remain true for occupying forces or for out of town guests.

To transgress is folly, to observe properly is advisable.


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