No One Wants To Get Punked Out, Sure As Heck Don’t Invite It!

I am loathed to bring up observed human behaviors in the worse areas, (jail , military, sports, etc) but it is necessary as of lately.

Passive and “soft behaviors” don’t present your case for respect when it comes to matters of the state, (or even statecraft).

This has been especially, true as of lately, in regards to Afghanistan. We had one president make plans on handing things over to the junior varsity government at the same time having a deal with the same assholes we fought for a few decades. Then we had another president sit around and watch things go further to shit without any actions to rectify things.

(Noted that DJT bombed the Taliban before when they tried to go against their end of a previous bargain).

I think that plenty of actors around the world think that they can “punk out” the US because of their reluctance to take drastic measures or their natural fetish to cry to the “international” community”/treaty observers. (I personally think that many treaties that we observe are outdated and are a hinderance to certain foreign policies that would better serve American citizen’s interests). Many of the countries and powers in charge of many places don’t actively observe these treaties, or they were never signatories to begin with.

Every time we “waffle” when someone tries to proverbially nut check us, the more we invite more of the proverbial nut checking. Take stern action and withhold the bs talk. A smack in the mouth is worth more than a promise of a smacked mouth.

Although I want the remainder of our people withdrawn from Afghanistan, I think we should bomb not only the airfields but every infrastructure project the American taxpayer paid for in Afghanistan. That would be a final f*ck you for the service members killed by the Taliban’s lack of governance, the ANA’s cowardice, and the insurgent Khorasan jackasses.


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