The Miserable Christmas Visits Many A Great Man

I have mentioned to a few that I have had mixed results when it came to Christmases. I had vehicle breakdowns. I ended up sleeping at an airport waiting for my flight. I ended up working (washing dishes) on the ship, small blessing that I had two or three shipmates that crashed at a place that was donated when the owners were gone. In 2000 and 2001, I did my best to drink away a dark cloud. But I learned to not cry about said things, this is due to the fact that misery visits many great men on Christmas.

I reference much of Sweden when Charles XII was killed. Their country was largely “taxed” for years and his death was a tragedy to many. But their country’s ultimate reward was a solemn Christmas and the task of picking up the pieces.

Blessed Karl I of Austria’s family had a tough Christmas in exile when Karl’s attempts at getting back at the throne failed in 1921. His family found themselves on a Portugese island in relative poverty, possibly depending on some of the few royal relatives that could help them out. (Karl ended up sick and lost his life the following spring).

Although he wasn’t an observer of the Christian faith (or allied pagan), the Pasha Mustafa found himself punished for his loss at the Battle of Vienna on December 25, 1683. Mehmed IV found it appropriate to execute him by strangulation.

I am obviously overlooking neighbors and people I knew from church that lost someone close to the holidays. It gets quiet when people are not there. There is always an empty spot in the pews when everyone gets together

I encourage you all to enjoy the holidays, no matter your religious slant. Take some time off of work, eat something agreeable, have sex if possible, and be well.

Not miserable, but I know a few that have time away from their families. Bless you all.

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4 Responses to The Miserable Christmas Visits Many A Great Man

  1. Yeah it’s sad. It’s either a great time or a horrible time and there’s no in between.

    It’s also a time when the cold hits fast, so if one is unprepared, it’s even more cold, both literally and figuratively.

    I’ve had my share of both. This year is excellent. But it’s not always been.


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