Marvin Heemeyer Was “Close” To Being The Next George Washington

We had passed by this last June 4th with no fan fare. In 2004, it was a trying time for me. I had left the military and generally woke up with my head ringing. I was a short time away from other celebratory events from a personal viewpoint. I was happy to see family members that I hadn’t spoke to in months. I never knew that one of the strangest anti-government events had happened then.

Fast forwarding to modern day, I have a weird relationship with those family members. And we forget about certain lessons that the “Killdozer” news event should have taught us about the limitations of government. But it took a rabbit hole sized dive into a weird Youtube video that sent me into a weirder direction.

Marvin Heemeyer Easily Could Have Been The Next George Washington

The YouTube video showed some of the most prominent (notable national heroes?) of various countries around the world. I recognized a few. Ataturk, Sukarno, and von Bismarck some of the biggest I saw. I was secretly hoping to see someone completely different for the United States than George Washington.

George Washington is held up in high regard for his “stand fastness” and inspiration for those in the face of a giant shit sandwich. But I point out the fact that if he wasn’t successful, he would have been highlighted as a boozehound that liked to write checks he had no intentions on backing up. He would have been remembered as a fallen member of the British military, one that went against the Crown.

But as history was written by the winners, we look past his smaller issues. We looked past the fact that he made excuses for our anti-liberty leaning government by personally leading troops against the Whiskey Rebellion.

Marvin Heemeyer had a righteous anger. He had a proper distaste for the bureaucratic government and the march away from the freedom that used to be connected to the common man. He had become that person.

I honestly had thought he could have been a George Washington character if he would had someone to carry on his legacy or a team of compatriots. He had no one to multiply the message for him. (or at least rally others in a mutual purpose).

Marvin didn’t give fiery oration in front of the robed ones he opposed. He had no Patrick Henry-esque moment, nor would he ever find one. As you might have known, he took his own life and very few people had anything good to say about him. There was no one, outside of his snowmobile buddies and ex gf, who had anything good to say.

If Marvin would have been a martyr and have some semblance of success, if things would have been different.

I don’t encourage anyone to mirror what Marvin did, but I do push others to make sure that their passions have a continuance. I ask them to allow someone to carry on for them after life has presented “the sunset”. This could be one of the few ways where a person in history wouldn’t be recognized for extreme faults but for the wins that they set someone else for.


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