When The Laborers Lose Sight Of A Decent Master…

I have been tired after an eight hour stretch, covered in cutting oil. I would drive a dejected distance back home. Metal shavings in my beard and leaving smudges everywhere in between. Two years, god gave me strength.

I traded that one time earnest workplace for what was hell at one time. It was cold and full of weird smells. I met what looked like soulless creatures stuck in that box for an eternity. I wanted to scream at them, to free them. They had a series of petty bosses. They had a union ran by morons. They had people in charge that were just as clueless. I left, never at the right time.

I could keep going. There was always somewhere that paid our bills, but always featured laborers that were dejected. There was no one to make things better or no one that believed in the “honest labor”. (The union was a business within itself).

Much of what we knew of “labor” was talked about in ancient religious screeds. Decent people were told to have a level of understanding/decent treatment when it came to those that labored. A master or boss was told to do certain things, not do others.

The decent master is usually not found. Providence is seldom given by a modern day Milton Hershey. There are no minor captains anymore. The piddly responses, given through toadies, are just lip service. I have personally seen attempts by the shareholder’s anointed fail miserably. Most of our people know that we are being bribed or distracted. The money thrown at us is there to make others feel better about their lack of foresight.

On this Labor Day, many still labor even though their absentee master is at home.

My commentary is not about wealth or a cry for bribery, it is about how workplace culture has been destroyed. The enjoyment of labor is gone. No one is satisfied. I mostly blame the lack of decent masters.


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