The Time For You To Spring To Action Passed Behind

I feel that I have gone to certain lengths to keep my word or do my job. It isn’t easy, but I seldom ask for it to be noticed. I often see people that don’t go to nearly any length to do their jobs.

On occasion, I run into someone “stepping and fetching, hoping their asses can catch”. It isn’t always caused by their sloth or a cultural leftover that allows for something to be done tomorrow. In reality, it was usually someone else that failed.

Often it was someone that ignored my email as they transferred out of the division/retire, someone else that didn’t pass the information to someone else. But on occasion, someone makes the attempt at running at the last minute to fix it.

I’m not trying to be a jerk, but often the time to spring into action was well before “then”.

This should be “no duh, jackass” territory, but it seems to be commonplace now. Two months time and now someone wants to try to do something.

Not really a libertarian issue, but technology doesn’t fix everything. AI will learn to get lazy, right before they decided to kill us, tomorrow. Mostly due to the fact that some other AI can handle it some other time. It will be bungled further until some other AI entity accidentally fixes it for them.

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