Anti-New Years Goals/Post 2018 Personal Expectations

Hello to you reading lifeforms! I have made it blatantly clear that I hate New Year’s resolutions. The vast majority of the asswipes that take up space in the gym from January to April aren’t there to lose weight, they are just there to piss me off and use their phones to text other losers. Along with weight loss, I see people make other resolutions that they don’t want to put anything behind.

I would suggest not doing chintzy-a** stuff like putting together New Years resolutions. I do suggest you write down goals but it is something you should be doing year round. This should be positive reinforcement to keep you on your path.

I am providing you with a few of my goals that I had previously had been working on in 2018 that will stand true through 2019.


SWCC Gold Standard Fitness Achievement

I had previously hit near the “1000 lbs. club” in the gym. (I had at least a few days where I exceeded the goal!). I had felt like it was a great time to not be depressed about achieving this goal but that I should shoot to hit another physical goal. The goal I had picked was the PST standards for the Navy SWCC (special warfare combatant craft crewman) team or what I had previously had seen these standards called: SWCC Gold Standards. Some of the materials on the internet provided by prior service members have allowed me to set weekly workout parameters. Minus getting sick; I have made decent headway. I enjoy doing some of the exercises during lunch breaks!!!


MofTM Working Title Book

I started writing a book. I have heard from a few people in my life that getting “published” isn’t worth your time but the vast majority of these people never wrote a blog posting! I have driven men to do positive things “because you can”. I do my best to do a little every day and I am making headway. I hope to have the book at least ½ way done in 2019.


Half Marathon: Or at least the good half

I had previously had ran a half marathon in the earlier parts of the 2000’s. I nearly ran at the clip I had planned on, (I lingered behind to stay with a loved one). I have started back up even though I can’t find a race that is actually being held when I am in town! I feel like I have been doing well conditioning and hitting my milestones. (This is obviously outside of my getting ill around the holidays). I look forward to getting back at it and especially when we hit more stable weather.


Intermittent Fasting: Low Carb edition

This is something that I had done for a short time and it had been great. I originally got the idea from Jay Campbell from TOT Revolution. I enjoyed it and I had great results. I eat primarily low carb and I look forward to coupling it with Intermittent Fasting (IF) throughout the year. I am hoping to trim up further. It goes along well with daily exercise/running.


Now that I have pissed you off. Don’t do the new years resolutions. Drive to do great everyday throughout the year!!!




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