Fighting The P*ssies at the Honduran Irish Anti-Defamation League

The fine folks at the HIADL have earned my derision. (They have also earned my jokes, that I have ever so easily lobbed at them). They have become characterizations of what normal society needs of its people. They are self serving, nitwits of a silly nature.

The painful truth: The HIADL doesnt exist and that Honduran-Irish live among us in relatively peaceful conditions. Many of them have jobs, families, and they put up with my ill-timed jokes.

But in our society today; we do have folks that hide behind anti-defamation leagues that try to lobby our government to put one over on others. That and do their best to look butthurt when someone makes them look like asses. They can’t out do other people honestly so they pull the victim card. (Groveling to the government makes you look like less of a man).

I do believe in the freedom of association but I also believe in disassociation. I would prefer to disassociate from “noodly” arm bitches that would rather get others to do their dirty work than have a level of masculine fortitude. I would also like to disassociate from people of communities that have reveled in the degradation of mental abilities and family structures needed for survival.

I choose to stay away from “center” this or “defamation league” that. I have a bullshit meter that rings loudly when they get in the news. I dont need to hide behind a faux governmental organization like that.

If you want to be seen as credible; grow some skin. Dont be a whiner. Represent your community with your best face possible.

And by the way; defamation is a civil infraction in Honduras now instead of a criminal one. The HIADL had nothing to do with this. Maybe your “defamation league” could call it quits too?



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