Voluntary Holocaust: How Our Government Purposely Kills Its Citizens

I have always felt that the USDA food pyramid was nonsense. Cartoonish in nature and not very believable. I saw hypocrisy in what the government spoke of and what I saw of their food schemes, (free and reduced lunches, breakfasts, etc.). It was not out of heartlessness but out of experience.

When I was in kindergarten; my lunch would find itself “disappeared” from my storage box. I logically had thought I misplaced it or had left it at home. My parents reassured me that I did not. My lunch had apparently disappeared multiple times. I was more confused than anything. My teacher got involved and starting monitoring where my lunch was going; checked in at my cubby hole, ready for eating at the appropriate time. This is where the beginning of my distrust of our government’s welfare system had originally started.

My lunch had disappeared again. Instead of me having to call my parents; my mother started appearing in my class in the mornings. I found it interesting that after this happened, I found myself eating crackers in the morning then my lunch at lunch time. My class seemed to enjoy the crackers. I didn’t mind having my mother around. But my curious mind was opened to other things.

I brought my lunch in either a brown bag or a plastic lunch box. (The lunch box might have been a Transformers branded monstrosity, but my memory wasn’t that good). Many of my classmates ate school lunches. The school lunch students paid for them with “lunch tickets”, these tickets were cards that had UPC line configurations and numbers on the top of them. The lunch ladies kept the cards in a plastic box, or our teacher had a box full of them. These cards became a catalyst for the change I wanted in the world.

I started noticing that certain tickets had weird pink lines on the top of them. I also noted that even fewer of them had either blue lines or a different set of numbers. The pink line tickets were either free or dramatically reduced lunches. I believe that the blue line tickets were “free milk” tickets. My details of the actual alignment of conditions might be different than what actually happened but the intention is there; Many of my classmates’ parents didn’t pay for lunches or had someone unrelated to them pay for it.

I always felt that the lunches given to my classmates were shit. They would tell me that these lunches would only tie them over till’ they got home. I eventually found out that these lunches were inline with that stupid pyramid poster, the same poster that our physical education teacher was paid to crow about. I never knew that this shit system of belief found in that poster was a giant shitshow.

If you fast forward a few decades later; I found myself see-sawing around 300lbs. I had eaten garbage served by the military, specifically ordered from a food service outfit that also supplied food for lunchrooms. I was always instructed to eat balanced meals and use that damn pyramid for a guide. I found out that this wasn’t for me.

The pyramid kept me hungry and looking for food. It highlighted the wrong food that was always on sale, or as I call it…shit food. I had to start a diet that wasn’t popular with our government minders and our mindless medical professionals. I started feeling better and leveling off of my desire to eat every piece of shit food I could find. I lost weight and started to support my body with healthy muscle. It is a process.

This article isn’t about me. It was about the victims of the government welfare scheme. It is about the guy that was stealing my home-made lunch. That lunch and subsequent crackers were the only quality meal that he was getting. Between the fact that he had shit food and no food; he was better off stealing a lunch that was non-USDA approved. Our welfare system was supplying soulless and unfulfilling food.

I don’t want kids to starve. But I think that people in our community help more than faceless lobbyist backed cretins do. We have a better feel for what their food needs are. We could get them back into our communities. It is time to bring back vitality to their lives. It doesn’t take the pyramid or a scheme. It takes our community and the alternatives that we can think of.

To my old classmate; I will cover lunch. But we both are going to enjoy it.


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1 Response to Voluntary Holocaust: How Our Government Purposely Kills Its Citizens

  1. Ame says:

    yes. and it’s more than just the stupid pyramid. it’s the chemicals they’ve plastered on our crops, that have seeped into our soils, and slowly poison our bodies. it’s the chemicals in the containers – plastics, metals, etc, that seep into our foods, and slowly poison our bodies. it’s the artificial foods that are approved by the USDA and FDA that leach poisons into our bodies. it’s the artificial sweeteners and food dyes that are pure poison. it’s the low-fat/fat-free/reduced-fat food ‘products’ that have so many chemicals in the we can’t even read the whole microscopic ingredient list.

    it’s a wonder our brains can function at all much less our gut.

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