The Captain’s Address to His Men

(Taken from an excerpt, posted by a “brother” who I will keep anonymous.)


THIS is why men exist and why we must continue our mission here.

This type of human connection and human achievement is built on the foundation of countless generations of men who created abundance through their discipline and mastery. Only through this can humans have the time and energy to work on the development of the finer things and reach excellence.

Every time you are left uplifted by a symphony, or put in awe by the flash of steel of a battalion of soldiers in formation who move in lockstep on order from their commander, or see the kids you coach play as a team for the first time: These are the moments to be present in. These are the moments we fight to grow in number and quality and have flower throughout the world.

They only happen with order. Order created by men bringing their best selves. By men who preside.

We create the security and space for our people to do their best work.

Beauty lives and dies by our actions, by your actions and your ability to, as  (xxxx) said today, grow from boy to man.

Never forget that immense responsibility and privilege.

Get after it men.

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