The Huge Dangers of Big Threats

(Polite reminder: I didn’t have time to do the research for Wednesday’s Matters w/ Matt. It will return next week).

I sit in an uncomfortable position right now. I remember sitting in awe, a young wild eyed kid watching the continuous news cycle. That kid watched tanks roll across the desert, throwing up dirt as they tore ass across the proverbial shit. The same kid saw A-10 Warthogs putting holes in all sorts of things on the ground. Cool stuff indeed.

But the uncomfortable part is that I look back 30 years to 1990. As an adult, I wasn’t a huge fan of our involvement with Iraq in the “2000s”. I don’t understand why we got involved  with Kuwait’s mess (1990s) and in a way, we just made things more convoluted. But I had to walk around these “hard” thoughts but I found a weird lesson in history.

I stumbled upon October 9th’s listing on the On This Day History: 1990 Saddam Hussein threatens to hit Israel with a new missile.

The people who lived long enough saw Saddam Hussein (supposedly) captured, put on trial, and “sent swinging”. But it was something he had said when he was still on top of his part of the world.

He sent out a big threat to a country with a lot of “allies”. It was something that was smattered in many newspapers. A person could read about nuclear threats on Israel. But a man should be careful of his threats.

A big threat to one meager entity is something easily delivered but to threaten someone with a decent base of capable allies is a different story.

It doesn’t matter if it is a man or a country. One must know who they are threatening by proxy. There can always be a hothead willing to scrum with you around the corner. Your mouth can write checks that your ass can’t cash. Saddam, along with his shitberg sons, found this out. Someone, whether it was some adventurous boys from Fort McLellan or a combo of Kurds/Poles/Australians made this happen (eventually).

I had my own experience is school that had someone lose their credibility when they had their nuts checked.

Your lesson: See to it that your threats don’t fall upon the ears of someone that you truly cant handle (or buy off).

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