Keep Telling Yourself That

Many among me are quick to throw an insult at those of the opposing wing of the US Uni-party. I often hear that the wing spends money on “x” and they make moronic decisions. In a sign of sheer superiority, those among me sing the praises of their wing of the US Uni-party. I find it humorous.

I know few among me that are capable of noticing this. The hypocrisy, not the humor. Finding humor would be good. I remember the stabbing words from someone I would call a friend.

“Keep telling yourself that. It won’t make it come true any quicker”

Politically and personally, it rings true. It works for people that make excuses for themselves or has expert level delusions. It works for idiots that love when their political representatives spend money on pet projects, then gripe about someone else’s constituents “needs”.

I do worry, at times, that I would be like one of the delusional Uni-party followers, but the saying reminds me to take a minute.

I stumble at describing things. I understand the pull of hyperbole. I want to label an adversary to not benefit them, but repeating an insult won’t make it stick. But repetition does not make something true, contrary to what one side of the Uni-party says.

Just take a second to remember this. If you want to keep a delusion as long as possible, keep telling yourself that.


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