A FreeMatt Against Abortion

I seldom if ever get around to talking about abortion. Much like the death penalty; I don’t like the government being involved in it. But I have many reasons why the people of America should “do” it out of existence.

  • It is a waste of fertility. Fertility is not a constant. You only get a definitive window to try. I know that women might not know that fertility is important. Men are still mammals that have had thousands of years driving them.
  • We could use the extra people. I reject the idea that many sick harpies use that these kids are unwanted and our foster systems are taxed too much already. I am one of the few people that understands what the Spanish flu and Black Plague had done to the population of the world.
  • It shows someone (men, members of a community) that there might be something wrong with you. A woman that doesn’t want to carry offspring to term sounds “off”. I also would ask the question if she would be willing to carry mine. Many men desire to procreate, being descendants of folks that traced their history.
  • It shows that a woman makes bad decisions when it comes to choosing mates and lovers. Impulse control, etc. (I had an ex-gf that had three abortions. I wonder why she repeated the same bad picks and life decisions).

I know that abortion is a sensitive subject. But it puts you in a category of has had one vs hasn’t had one. Many men that I know feel like it is a disqualifier. (Are you worth sharing resources and time with?). I carried the unpopular opinion that I think that if we were vocal with our social belief that this is abhorrent, it would know longer be a popular form of birth control.

It shouldn’t be acceptable. It is a barbaric march backward from our medical learnings, ethics, and jurisprudence. We are a civilized people, why do we practice something like this?

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