FreeMatt’s Week in Review

We take the opportunity to look back at this week’s postings. We run the gamut from ineffectual leaders, giving nuanced arguments against abortion, peering in on rednecks in their natural habitats, my favorite word “f*ck”, and to dealing with the pending spectre of death.

Please enjoy the review and have a great weekend.


We looked back at the anniversary of the death of an ineffectual leader. His inactions and soft outlook helped light off war in Europe that costs millions their lives. Much of what he didn’t do should be studied today.


I was loathed to talk about abortion but I see the other side speak of it often. It is a barbaric practice that is nowhere near what modern society should be doing with technology and scientific knowledge. I tell you other reasons in the post.


I enjoyed writing this one. People make excuses for themselves and others. One of my favorite is being a “product of your environment”. I talk about rednecks and other assorted folks. I also give a tale of two wilted flowers in this post.


Contrary to what the weak eared or “intelligentsia” say; the word “f*ck” isn’t a crutch for the stupid or ignorant. It is often an easy response to many questions. It is also an appropriate complaint to the world’s stupidity. I give you a few examples in this week’s post.


As of lately; I have been struck by a few deaths of people I have known in my life. One of them was a loved one. I explain that their deaths isn’t the ultimate bad thing but the roles that the rest of us pick up in society are the biggest stress. Please enjoy a large, wandering look at death.


Dodge the rain when you can. Have sex with purpose and love. Be on top of change.


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