The FreeMatt in Review: 1-25 to 1-29

With eyes open, you find the speck. It takes time but when you don’t look, you wont find. In the meantime, check out this week’s FreeMatt in Review

Take The Win, Don’t Be Bashful, It is Yours, Bow and Carry On

Sometimes you put a “W” in the column. It is okay to acknowledge it. Read about more in this post.

Work and life can take you on a strange trip. Enjoy the visuals.

Weird work doesn’t have to be a curse, you can enjoy the changing shit show.

The Matters w/ Matt: The Wrong Pin Cushion Prick

People kick people out of their lives and often regret it. Learn more in this post which presents some hard lessons learned.

The Case For Quashing Old Beefs: Casting Away Bitterness

To grow, I had to let go of some qualms I had with others. It let them grow and be new people.

Screen Door Submarines: A Tribute To My Polish Family

I give good words for an often maligned people; the Polish. Feel free to check out this positive posting.

Life throws a bizarre piece at you every once in a while. Have a good one!


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